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Conversation with t3ddans0n at Wed 25 Jul 2007 02:18:36 AM EDT on jasonstiletto (aim)

(02:18:36 AM) t3d dans0n: how the hell do you pay off a metaphysical debt

(02:20:11 AM) Jason Stiletto: in surreal efforts.

(02:20:14 AM) Jason Stiletto: find a giraffe.

(02:24:04 AM) t3d dans0n: well, lemme put it this way

(02:24:24 AM) t3d dans0n: uhhh

(02:24:50 AM) t3d dans0n: nevermind

(02:25:05 AM) t3d dans0n: i guess it's not important

(02:25:13 AM) Jason Stiletto: a metaphysical debt.

(02:25:15 AM) t3d dans0n: it just overwhelms me from time to time

(02:25:19 AM) Jason Stiletto: I'm not sure how you'd accumulate.

(02:25:26 AM) Jason Stiletto: I think surrealism has the answer in how to pay it.

(02:25:40 AM) t3d dans0n: well perhaps

(02:25:54 AM) t3d dans0n: but the thing is there's nothing surreal about my dreams

(02:26:18 AM) t3d dans0n: they're all pretty concrete for the most part

(02:26:21 AM) Jason Stiletto: that's where the giraffe comes in, dude.

(02:26:38 AM) t3d dans0n: well where would i find a giraffe in my dreamss?

(02:26:50 AM) t3d dans0n: if i have no control over my dreams especially

(02:29:01 AM) Jason Stiletto: look in a bucket.

(02:32:37 AM) t3d dans0n: i'm fully convinced that time moves in a cycle, and the cycle is always the same

(02:33:43 AM) Jason Stiletto: in 2012 the clock resets back to teh beginning

(02:34:06 AM) t3d dans0n: and eventually you go back to the dreamtime, and that dreamtime is fucked up

(02:34:42 AM) t3d dans0n: hold on

(02:35:49 AM) t3d dans0n: a lot of people have different things to say about it though, eternal return and cyclic time

(02:36:18 AM) Jason Stiletto: personally I think that there's a seven second rule

(02:36:36 AM) t3d dans0n: i think buddhists and others are just wasting their time trying to escape it

(02:36:37 AM) Jason Stiletto: 7 seconds changes your life. things you do in larger increments and smaller increments don't really matter.

(02:37:13 AM) t3d dans0n: well for me i wouldn't know, i've told you already, i constantly have deja vu

(02:38:04 AM) Jason Stiletto: again?

(02:38:26 AM) t3d dans0n: again?

(02:38:46 AM) Jason Stiletto: deja vu, you're having it again?

(02:38:49 AM) t3d dans0n: lol

(02:39:00 AM) t3d dans0n: well i guess the proper term would be deja vecu

(02:39:58 AM) t3d dans0n: although trying to remember when it starts and when it ends is pointless, but when it does end one long dream starts and it's very fucked up and funny at times

(02:40:03 AM) t3d dans0n: i can recall a lot of it

(02:40:46 AM) t3d dans0n: i've been consciously through it once

(02:40:53 AM) Jason Stiletto: my dreams rarely have the same content

(02:41:48 AM) t3d dans0n: it's not like the dream is the same, i go back and forth between my house, friend's houses, cars, some weird places, and there's lots of secret agent looking people too

(02:42:27 AM) t3d dans0n: but what i've learned is you react the same way you do in dreams as in real life

(02:42:32 AM) Jason Stiletto: when I was younger I dreamed of reality, but there was this emmense underground laberyth you could get to if you knew where it was

(02:42:52 AM) t3d dans0n: i mean, for all we know this is a dream too

(02:43:00 AM) t3d dans0n: we react to it in the same manner as dreams

(02:43:17 AM) t3d dans0n: it's just as ridiculous

(02:43:45 AM) t3d dans0n: heh, i've used the same wordage with someone else about this too

(02:44:10 AM) Jason Stiletto: well, this is a dream, of course.

(02:44:16 AM) Jason Stiletto: behind you, is your giraffe

(02:44:37 AM) t3d dans0n: hehe

(02:46:10 AM) t3d dans0n: i don't think there is a way out, because escape is impossible

(02:46:43 AM) t3d dans0n: for all we know trying to escape from the wheel of life is like trying to escape from alcatraz

(02:47:45 AM) Jason Stiletto: well. hell is pretty nice. it's completely black but you can see just fine. there are portals out, but if you go though them you risk having your soul ripped apart.

(02:48:19 AM) t3d dans0n: hmmm

(02:48:37 AM) t3d dans0n: i like your thinking good sir

(02:49:04 AM) t3d dans0n: all we can really do is cope with the situation by giving into the moment

(02:49:17 AM) t3d dans0n: admitting defeat and just simply 'do'

(02:50:04 AM) Jason Stiletto: I remember trying to go though the portal.

(02:50:07 AM) Jason Stiletto: I guess I made it?

(02:50:23 AM) t3d dans0n: we all made it, or else we wouldn't be here

(02:51:07 AM) Jason Stiletto: maybe so. but hell was pretty nice. and there were people from lots of worlds there.

(02:51:25 AM) t3d dans0n: but that for you was just a dream as well

(02:52:03 AM) t3d dans0n: you, in your dream, would just assume it was hell

(02:52:15 AM) t3d dans0n: but just a dream

(02:52:37 AM) Jason Stiletto: well, if it wasn't hell, I don't know why I was trying to get out.

(02:52:48 AM) Jason Stiletto: there was a mountains you had to scale and below it was the abyss.

(02:52:54 AM) t3d dans0n: it's all about reactions

(02:53:47 AM) t3d dans0n: in part of the said long dream i had, i kept asking people if i was dead, never did get a clear answer, but the universe ended somewhere, and then it began again, and i helped build it

(02:55:09 AM) Jason Stiletto: well, the dead only slightly realize they're dead.

(02:55:41 AM) t3d dans0n: but like i knew it was a dream, but i chose and even in some cases was forced to believe it wasn't

(02:56:11 AM) Jason Stiletto: well, dreams can be like that. but reality isn't much beter.

(02:56:42 AM) t3d dans0n: no, no it isn't, and according to such things as gnosticism and buddhism we can escape or 'know' something

(02:59:07 AM) t3d dans0n: gurdjieff says a lot of stuff about how man is just a machine

(02:59:49 AM) Jason Stiletto: we're needlessly complicated machines

(03:00:13 AM) t3d dans0n: all we can do is self-remember and self-observe our inner mechanical work

(03:00:19 AM) t3d dans0n: in order to gain self-awareness

(03:01:57 AM) t3d dans0n: the technique is a lot like active meditation

(03:03:42 AM) t3d dans0n: but he talks a lot about 'schools of thought' or just 'school' and how you have to join one or whatever

(03:03:52 AM) t3d dans0n: that's what i don't like

(03:03:59 AM) t3d dans0n: because from there it just gets really cultish

(03:04:47 AM) Jason Stiletto: cultish.

(03:04:58 AM) t3d dans0n: or just plain weird

(03:05:19 AM) t3d dans0n: pd ouspensky makes it seem so much weirder

(03:06:08 AM) t3d dans0n: he talks about certain breathing and eating techniques, but all that talk about The Fourth Way kinda ruined his career, you oughta read some of his original work

(03:06:38 AM) t3d dans0n: which has more to do with the fourth dimension, the concept of eternal return, etc

(03:07:06 AM) Jason Stiletto: perhaps I should. but I'm not sure I remember to whom you refer. if you mentioned it.

(03:07:30 AM) t3d dans0n: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/P._D._Ouspensky

(03:07:55 AM) t3d dans0n: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/G.I._Gurdjieff, this was the first guy i was talking about

(03:08:11 AM) Jason Stiletto: ah, okay

(03:08:28 AM) t3d dans0n: but i wouldn't know either if it weren't for my dad

(03:08:45 AM) Jason Stiletto: 1909

(03:09:03 AM) Jason Stiletto: esoteric knowledge and wisdm

(03:09:16 AM) t3d dans0n: yeah, that's a little after einstein came out with his theory of relativity

(03:10:01 AM) Jason Stiletto: well, the world is.

(03:10:20 AM) t3d dans0n: http://www.sacred-texts.com/eso/to/index.htm, this is what you should read, or try to read

(03:10:46 AM) t3d dans0n: the whole thing's online

(03:10:49 AM) Jason Stiletto: mm, I will note it.

(03:11:51 AM) t3d dans0n: but the book gurdjieff wrote, er one of them, this one i read called beelzebub's tales to his grandson is a long 1138 pages of the most intense wordings

(03:12:09 AM) t3d dans0n: and it's merely meant as a consciousness shock

(03:14:13 AM) t3d dans0n: but i'm only mentioning all of this because i dunno, for once i want to do something about this, and only by getting other people interested can i do anything because by myself i can do nothing

(03:15:27 AM) Jason Stiletto: indeed.

(03:18:47 AM) t3d dans0n: and it's not really a 'tell the whole world' kinda thing, i'm sure about 98% of the general populous wouldn't be willing to accept the fact they're simply dreaming

(03:19:13 AM) Jason Stiletto: ahah

(03:19:16 AM) Jason Stiletto: yes, probalby not.

(03:19:17 AM) Jason Stiletto: I

(03:19:24 AM) Jason Stiletto: I'll look over some of it tomorrow.

(03:19:30 AM) Jason Stiletto: as time permits.

(03:20:42 AM) t3d dans0n: ouspensky explains that time is applied perception, that our perception of something gives it time

(03:20:56 AM) t3d dans0n: and that time isn't inside things

(03:21:16 AM) Jason Stiletto: indeed

(03:21:32 AM) t3d dans0n: and that's the straight talk, yo

(03:22:54 AM) t3d dans0n: i have to go to this sanitation class and be out of the house by 6:20, so that's why i'm not sleeping

(03:23:07 AM) t3d dans0n: and that's the straight talk, yo

(03:37:30 AM) Jason Stiletto: sleeping is good for you

(03:37:47 AM) t3d dans0n: it IS, but i ruined any chance of getting any

(05:21:05 AM) t3d dans0n: have you ever thrown i ching coins? i've been doing this online one but i dunno if it's like the same thing

(05:23:44 AM) Jason Stiletto: no, we don't have them

(05:24:44 AM) t3d dans0n: i see

(05:25:49 AM) Jason Stiletto: laurie's good at astrology

(05:25:54 AM) Jason Stiletto: and tarot

(05:25:58 AM) t3d dans0n: ooo

(05:26:51 AM) t3d dans0n: i was about to ask if she really was a vampire

(05:27:07 AM) t3d dans0n: but vampires don't do tarot

(05:27:13 AM) t3d dans0n: or astrology

(05:27:21 AM) t3d dans0n: they just kinda go 'blehhhh'

(05:27:35 AM) t3d dans0n: and turn into bats

(05:27:45 AM) Jason Stiletto: laurie knows about various means of telling the future

(05:27:54 AM) Jason Stiletto: but she's busy until she submits her story

(05:28:58 AM) t3d dans0n: yeah, i was gonna ask for a tarot reading when she was offering em, but if i had paypal i'd be flat broke by now

(05:29:31 AM) t3d dans0n: having a credit card is bad enough

(05:29:51 AM) t3d dans0n: i just got my bill

(05:29:56 AM) t3d dans0n: and dear god

(05:30:26 AM) Jason Stiletto: well, I think she considers you a friend so odds are if you asked for one randomly she'd be willing, although she might want money. because she's very poor. ^^

(05:30:34 AM) Jason Stiletto: I think amy just sends cash wrapped in a letter.

(05:30:47 AM) t3d dans0n: haha, wow, you guys really that poor?

(05:31:30 AM) t3d dans0n: eating nothing but bologna and drinking nothing but orange juice?

(05:32:08 AM) Jason Stiletto: not quite that bad but the readings sometimes take her more than an hour and they're mentally draining

(05:32:26 AM) Jason Stiletto: so she doesn't want to do them for free if for no other reason than to keep too many people from asking. hehe

(05:33:03 AM) t3d dans0n: well i think knowing the future would be pretty bad for me, although i'd like to know how to stop my mind from forming what it thinks the future is

(05:33:26 AM) Jason Stiletto: candy

(05:33:36 AM) t3d dans0n: giraffe candy?

(05:35:06 AM) Jason Stiletto: you should go to the zoo.

(05:35:14 AM) Jason Stiletto: in your mind, have a conversation with the giraffee.

(05:35:22 AM) Jason Stiletto: ask him how the whole giraffe thing is working for him.

(05:35:29 AM) Jason Stiletto: afterwards you won't worry about the future.

(05:35:34 AM) Jason Stiletto: because it will tell you a story of a bea.

(05:35:35 AM) Jason Stiletto: bee.

(05:35:40 AM) Jason Stiletto: and a sprig of jasmine

(05:35:47 AM) Jason Stiletto: which was made into tea by yogi bear.

(05:36:29 AM) Jason Stiletto: do you understand.

(05:36:43 AM) Jason Stiletto: seek the giraffe. for enlightenment. and tea.

(05:39:31 AM) t3d dans0n: lol, my sister used to be taller than me, i'd call her a giraffe

(05:39:44 AM) t3d dans0n: but now i'm taller than her, and she's shrinking

(05:40:05 AM) Jason Stiletto: but if she had on the same hat as the pope, that would make her very tall indeed.

(05:40:17 AM) t3d dans0n: my friend has a pope hat

(05:40:57 AM) Jason Stiletto: does he often punch bears?

(05:41:14 AM) t3d dans0n: i'm not sure, i don't think so

(05:41:28 AM) t3d dans0n: but he is a gnome

(05:42:05 AM) Jason Stiletto: well, gnomes are better at waxing turnips than punching bears.

(05:42:44 AM) t3d dans0n: he likes to get his turnip waxed

(05:43:25 AM) Jason Stiletto: I'm sure they're at least 4 to the dozen, 4 to the dozen. but you must remember that expresso can not be drunk on a north bound train on a tuesday.

(05:44:31 AM) t3d dans0n: my step grandfather makes damn good espresso

(05:45:12 AM) t3d dans0n: and it's all fancy with mini mugs and lil spoons

(05:45:25 AM) Jason Stiletto: does he serve it on a half turnip table?

(05:45:40 AM) Jason Stiletto: lumpy side up? as was fortold by prophesy?

(05:46:36 AM) t3d dans0n: lately he's been pretty weak, congestive heart failure

(05:46:47 AM) Jason Stiletto: that's too bad.

(05:47:04 AM) t3d dans0n: well he was in a rehabilitation center for like a month or so

(05:47:11 AM) t3d dans0n: but now he's doing better

(05:47:23 AM) Jason Stiletto: my dad was in rehab, but only because he tried to drink himself to death

(05:48:07 AM) t3d dans0n: he should've watched leaving las vegas

(05:49:07 AM) t3d dans0n: people think they can just die and be done with life, but life is never done

(05:50:06 AM) Jason Stiletto: I'd like to think that when I die the world ends. So I cling.

(05:50:40 AM) t3d dans0n: to life?

(05:51:30 AM) Jason Stiletto: to boobies.

(05:52:19 AM) t3d dans0n: some takashi miike films fixate on breast milk

(05:52:49 AM) t3d dans0n: in this really weird one, visitor q, breast milk saves the day

(05:53:39 AM) Jason Stiletto: there was a film John Lennon and Yoko made which had a fly and a naked woman covered in honey. the camera followed the fly

(05:56:11 AM) t3d dans0n: that film i was talking to you about, the holy mountain, in this one part as the group is walking along some hill they all visualize their own death, one guy fucks a tree with chickens on it and then dies

(05:56:32 AM) t3d dans0n: live chickens

(05:56:50 AM) Jason Stiletto: ... a tree?

(05:56:53 AM) t3d dans0n: yeah

(05:57:01 AM) t3d dans0n: well he fucks the chickens that are covering it

(05:57:12 AM) t3d dans0n: and then this cackling hag sitting on the tree kills him

(05:57:57 AM) t3d dans0n: their visualizations of their deaths were pretty weird, but in the end you find out there was nothing to fear at all

(05:58:41 AM) Jason Stiletto: damnnnkkt@@? what the hell

(05:59:16 AM) t3d dans0n: you should totally get it, a lot of it deals with tarot, alchemy, etc

(05:59:57 AM) Jason Stiletto: if we go up to the video store sometime I'll look. we have this kinda indy-ish one that has all the weird shit

(06:00:20 AM) t3d dans0n: he's got another one called El Topo that I have yet to see

(06:00:41 AM) Jason Stiletto: yes

(06:01:08 AM) t3d dans0n: i wonder how many people watched it and understood the concepts

(06:02:16 AM) Jason Stiletto: I wonder how many people watched it and sought out something to start bashing their head into

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