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Mario Strikers Charged


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Prime comes out 3-4 weeks later, yeah can understand that but Galaxy comes out a good bit later.

I'm willing to hold onto that amount cash until either of them come out. Even though it won't be for long.

Persona 3, Bioshock, Mass Effect, Dynasty Warriors: Gundam, GTAIV, Rock Band, Halo 3, Medal of Honor: Airborne, Eternal Sonata, The Orange Box, Last Remnant, and Lost Odyssey all come out this year.

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So, when I heard the name of this game, I imagined that it would be a game about organizing unions in the coal mines of the Mushroom Kingdom and striking in the name of fair wages and hours.

Of course Bowser and his ilk would be the strike breakers so you would show up at their house late at night and beat the shit out of them. Also you might get attacked by a bunch of "detectives" hired by the government and have to defend your factory from attack.

There would be a rhythm game to sing old Union songs.

That sounds way better than whatever this trash is.

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I want to try this one out it looks fun! But like everyone's said, corruption, galaxy, brawl, that's gonna be a lot of money. I wish they would get the demo channel up.

That won't be until early next year and it'll only be VC game demos to start out with.

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