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Bell's Palsy


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Thanks alot guys. I learned today that it's Bell's Palsy through Lyme Disease, so I got about 6-12 weeks. But it could take any amount of time.

I got four medications to take now every four hours. A steriod, an anti-inflamitory, eye drops, and advil. Jesus.

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Fucking hell man, sorry to hear that. I hope your case is one of the shorter ones and if not, just beat anyone's ass who looks at you the wrong way.

Haha I'm actually not going anywhere for the most part. I think it is a shorter one though. In serious cases, people have zero movement in their face. I could at least almost close my eye.

i'll trade you my swolen tonsils for your paralzyed face


Seriously though, if it were possible man, I'd do it.

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