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Accelerated Evolution



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Woah. Hold on.

I knew religion was whack, but that's just nonsense!

Jesus was a ninja, fact. Just tossing that little known tidbit out there. Also, the 5,000 were dead people, so Jesus actually ate all that food, but it still counts, because he tried to feed that many on such a small number. As for the water walking, a small feat for a ninja of such prowess.

While we're at it, lets build a Mcdonalds inside the Roman Colosseum.

...That... Is the... Greatest idea I have ever heard! And we can even have tourists watch gladiators battle the lions and bulls to be eaten. They can even join in if they are adventurous, for a small fee and non-liability statement. Get this man a raise!

lackey: Sir, he doesn't work here.

Then capture him, promote him, give him a raise, then shackle him to a desk so he can't escape.

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