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Split it into four triangles, four rectangles, and a square. Work out the area's of each independently, and add them together.


draw a square around the entire Octagon. Then use 52.4176 and subtract the area of the four triangles you create on each corner (They're right triangles where H=3 Edit: and B=2.12).

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For 26.) the two triangles are similar, so you can setup a ratio of the big triangle's perimeter to AC and set that equal to x (the small triangle's perimeter) to DF, so that:

72/22 = x/14

solve for x and you get 45.82

For 27.) I think the ratio 6/5 carries through for the entire triangle, since as far as I can tell they're similar. So I believe you can just multiply 6/5 by the smaller triangle's area to get the larger triangle's area, which results in 90 cm^2. It's been a long time since I've done geometry though, so I may be wrong.

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