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Accelerated Evolution
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Like Some Sort of Burnt Norton

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just trying to provide some of that critique that you were utterly thirsting for two years ago...sorry I'm late to the party. In all fairness, your spelling was spot-on, it was just the homonyms that trip up everyone that gave you a run for your money.

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Wrote this for class... :dry:

She plugged me into the wall

Just to turn me on.

Just to get me all hot and bothered,

Blowing about like the best of them no doubt,

Just to see if I would respond.

See if I would scream at a chance to tease

Auburn, brunette, or blonde.

Well yes, I've seen all of these

though the latter tends not to correspond

And I'll say I love them all,

every single strand,

be they short, medium, or long

in length.

Curly or straight,

weak, brittle, or

full of body and strength.

It doesn't matter at all,

this howl of mine is not a complaint,

its the only song I sing

as patron saint

of perfect hair.

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More classwork, or "A couple of horrible haiku"

children playing games

rarely have time for a thought

for where the game ends

You have swept this floor


Will sweep it still more

who will eat the world?

when it has finally grown ripe

and falls from its branch

hats come in a size

to fit on anyone's head

except when they don't

When the TV's off

Everyone must start screaming.

Keep silence at bay.

Barns are for the beasts,

but sometimes for people too.

Those who miss their mouth.

Sometimes I'm rolling.

Maybe down the hill or up.

Sometimes both at once

I wrote these haiku while at work one day, though not all of them are about work. The second one definitely is, as is the second to last, but the other ones I'm not quite sure about. I decided to write a couple extra since I didn't think the hat one was really worthwhile, and I'm not really sure where the third one came from but I sort of enjoy it.

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I've been given the chance to submit up to three pieces to my University's newspaper and am horrible at picking through my own works. Suggestions would be appreciated.

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I definitely wrote this last year for Ash Wednesday, but I drank another bottle of wine tonight and remembered this...

Its ash wednesday

but I'm skipping out on mass

Smoked a pack of cigarettes

and saved up all the ash

Smeared a cross out on my forehead

and forgave me for my sins.

Bottle of wine latter and I'm crawling out my skin.

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