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Happy Birthday CF

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Thanks to everyone! If I didn't respond to your post it's not because I hate you. >< I love everyone on Æ, for realz.

happy beerthday bruddah

I knew I should've said earlier "in before Tim uses the word "beerthday."

Happy birthday!

and you knwo what time it is...

We just need to make that a smiley already! But illegal to use outside the birthday forum!

happy fuckin birthday you sonofabitch

:angry: that's cold you fucking son of a bitch (thanks <3)

Happy Birthday, I think that you are a really good person!

Thanks, I think you are a really good person as well!

Happy Birthday, I guess I should buy you something seeing as how I'm coming to visit you next week. :awesome:

Haha. Just let me crash at your place when I visit Prince George or somethin'. :awesome: Or teach me how to play "God of Wine" by the Transmogrifiers :P

Happy birthday dude!

May many elf wenches bestow their breasts upon you today.

Best birthday wish I've ever gotten.

How long has it been since you escaped your mother's vagina?

I've been on 19 trips around the sun since the great escape.

Happy birthday CF! I hope soon God gives you some kind of break. You deserve it.

Thanks. I've been thinking of starting to go to Church again (UU church but still, :laugh: ) because shit sucks ;_;

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