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what do you buy


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except the nessecities, obviously everyone buys food etc what do you buy????

shoujo manga

dresses usually from forever 21 or charlotte russet or ross XD

sanrio things (usually school supplies and stationery)

toys (my little pony dolls, hula hoop, stuffed animals)

CDs (usually indie rock artists) and records (usually obscure 50s/60s girl groups)

starbucks iced frappuchinos and such.

books umm i don't really know, i buy what i feel interested in at the moment. right now i want to study how bicycles work and look at pictures of gears and etc.

loose leaf green tea and japanese snacks

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Concert Tickets


Perfume (starting to lay off soon I think)

Sanrio Stuff (Whoot!)

Something someone else listed that starts with a M




I may need to pick up some school supplies though. I have some stuff left over but haven't gone through it to see what I still need.

It seems like I should be listing more, but that's honestly all I can think of.

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Related merchandise (at conventions, usually).

Mountain Dew.

The occasional book,video game, or snack item.

Also, just now, I bought about 5 J-pop CDs. *sigh...*

(80% of what I used to buy was books, but then a few years ago I got hooked on anime, and I only have so much money. Not to mention, I have hundreds of books...)

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