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Accelerated Evolution

Elite and Vinny sword fight lulz

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[03:07] GundamPilotSpaz: oh god

[03:07] Carn55: rofl

[03:07] GundamPilotSpaz: D:

[03:07] GundamPilotSpaz: fighto!

[03:08] Carn55: i posted it on AE

[03:08] GundamPilotSpaz: gah

[03:08] Carn55: the world shall know your staff skills

[03:08] GundamPilotSpaz: I HAVE no staff skills

[03:08] Carn55: you did last night, oh ho

[03:09] GundamPilotSpaz: ......

[03:09] GundamPilotSpaz: too soon

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