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My cousin is selling his Nintendo Wii w/ 5 games, 1 extra Wiimote and Nunchuck, Classic Controller and roughly 10-ish Virtual Console titles. I believe he wanted at least $350 for the whole bundle, and he wants to sell everything as a package, not separately. I figured i'd check on here before he shoves it on eBay so if anyones remotely interested, i can delve deeper into what exactly comes with the Wii

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He's not marketing Wii Sports as the "5 games" that come with the package is he?

haha, no he's not

umm, games he has are: WiiSports, Super Paper Mario, Legend of Zelda: TP, Elebits and Mario Strikers Charged

and the Virtual Console games are: Legend of Zelda, Zelda: Ocarina of Time, F-Zero X, Golden Axe, Gunstar Heroes, Super Mario Brothers, Super Mario World, Paper Mario, R-Type, Toejam & Earl, Bomberman '93, Street Fighter II, Sonic the Hedgehog, Contra III, and Punch-Out.

I'll talk to him tomorrow more about the price he wants for it exactly, but adding all of that up comes up with roughly $650 if all purchased separately. i'm thinking he'll try for $400

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Alright, the price is being set at 500 USD + Shipping costs

and once again, to list in full exactly what you're getting, i'll also throw in MSRP of everything if purchased separately:

Nintendo Wii console (w/ everything that comes with it, senson bar, cables etc.) ($250 value)

2 Wiimotes ($40 value - 1 included with console)

2 Nunchucks ($20 value - 1 included with console)

1 Classic Controller ($20 value)


Legend of Zelda: Twilight Princess ($50 value)

Elebits ($50 value)

Super Paper Mario ($50 value)

Mario Strikers Charged ($50 value)

WiiSports (included with console)

Virtual Console games (i'm not 100% sure on the values of some of these, so you guys can correct me)

Legend of Zelda ($8)

Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time ($10)

F-Zero X ($10)

Golden Axe ($8)

Gunstar Heroes ($8)

Super Mario Brothers ($5)

Super Mario World ($8)

Paper Mario ($10)

R-Type ($8)

Toejam & Earl ($8)

Bomberman '93 ($5)

Street Fighter II ($8)

Sonic the Hedgehog ($8)

Contra III ($8)

Punch-Out ($5)

I think some of those might be $6 instead of $8 though...

but regardless, everything purchased separately, that would come out to roughly $650 dollars, not including taxes paid, so I still think $500 is a damn good deal. The console everything that comes with it is in pristine condition as well, you won't find a single scuff or scratch on any of the games, nor the console, so you don't have anything to worry about with that. If anyone would be remotely interested in this, or to haggle a bit, please do so, but if not then he's gonna throw it on eBay

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nah, it wouldn't make sense for you to get it SC, the PAL/NTSC thing would be a bitch, and i dunno.

Also, i kind of agree with Brent about the VC thing, i don't really think he should be charging for each game like that, but it will definitely make is sell better/quicker on eBay with all of that listed. If it was me, i'd take like $20-$30 for all of the VC games but i'm just the messenger here.

so i take it no one would seriously look into this?

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