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I downloaded the demo for this game and I lol'd. Some of the things that you can do in this game look pretty stylish, but some things are downright silly. For example, automatically sliding over an obstacle that comes to about waist level? While a convenient mechanic from time to time, it just looks ridiculous. You're going to slide over this counter, and knock over a register, 3 watermelons and a chicken when there's no one around.

The "Tequila" theme is interesting, and the cutscenes have a very exciting feel to them, but when compared to its contemporaries like Gears of War, or even its predecessors like Devil May Cry 3, the animation quality is subpar. Back in the FF7 and FF8 days, when cutscenes were in their infancy, I could understand guys shooting each other, and not seeing the slide of the gun kick back. But at this point, they could do better.

edit: BTW, how much of this game is a straight-up carbon copy of Max Payne?

All that being said, I have to admit, I had fun with this game. Not $60 fun, but I did have fun; I will definitely make purchase when the price drops on this one.

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