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I finally got a job that I actually will enjoy!

Last summer, I applied for a job at the weight room, one of my buddies got the job - and now he's heading to college so I received a voice mail on friday from the head of the department, asking if I was still interested. - I called about 10 minutes ago, and he gave me the job over the phone, and all I gotta do is go in, fill out some paper work and I start on saturday.

Its a small gym in the town's community center. My job is to just hang out in there (theres a tv, stereo) make sure people who come in belong to the weight room.... and sweep the floor at the end of the night. thats it. - I havent been lifting for months because I always work at night when I'd usually go, and my schedual was ever changing... but now... I'll get PAID to LIFT... then chill out and watch whatever.

This fawkin rawkzzzz


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