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So. As I see it, I've got a few options for what to do in the next academic year. Every time I decide on one... Another one looks attractive.

Option one; continue at my current academic institution. The Evergreen State College is kind of stupid. I have a number of friends there, but academically there are lots of things I just... disagree with. Of course there's also tons of things I agree with. So it's hard. I got sorta depressed there last year and couldn't wait to leave, but... that may have been related to my now-defunct relationship. Also there are two options within option one: take a lot of classes or just a few. Taking a lot of classes would make me feel good if I passed all of them and might be the kick in the ass I need to, you know, shape up and do something worthwhile.

Option two; attempt to attend the University of Washington. This would be a fucking bureaucratic nightmare. I hate bureaucracy. That being said, the UW is a highly respected place and stuff... whatever. I don't care about what other people think of me, just what I learn. I'd learn rad stuff about international relations, and they have like every fucking language from Urdu to Icelandic.

Option three; drop out of that shit like it's a plane and get a jerb. I don't mean permanently, just take a year off or so. After that I'd probably go to either the UW or University of British Columbia (because fuck America [just kidding {not really}]). I'd also save up money so I could go traveling and things like that.

WABA WABA. I have no idea what to do. All of these plans fucking rule/suck in many ways.

Also if you choose option #4 I'll know you probably just don't care. 'Tis an unrealistic plan.

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It's hard for me to give advice for this partly because I'm biased and partly because I don't know enough about this situation, but you know that I don't like Evergreen and it would be awesome if you came and partied at the UW with me. Honestly I think things would work out in any of those options except maybe the last one, but that's coming from someone who was raised to think that college is absolutely necessary. I think you could make things work at Evergreen, even if they're not as good as they could be, and I think if you managed to get through the crap required to transfer to UW that you could have a very good academic career there, as the advantage of a huge school is that you can take aaaanything.

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You know the ultimate option is up to you.

My commentary-

Option 1- Didn't you take summer school too though? If you do go to this school again, make sure you give yourself some time off. Enjoy your summer. Even though I work full time during the summer, I absolutely adore it because I get away from school. You already have friends here so it's pretty "safe".

Option 2- If you don't know what you want to do I don't think you're ready to transfer to a school like UW yet, but I don't know much about it. I know my UW is not undecided friendly. It ends up taking a long time to get a degree if you can't decide what you want, and you end up wasting a lot of money. Granted, you seem to get a lot of help though so that might not be an issue. EDIT- Also, Galkar is there so you'll have friends there too. It could be fun/interesting.

Option 3- People always say they are going to work and save money, and you may be one of the few who can do it, but it's really easy to spend that money and not notice until the year is up and you're going "Damn...". Taking a year off could either be really good for you or really bad. It could be good because you might figure out what you want, but I think taking different classes and exploring subjects does that better than working some dead end job. Also, that would be a year longer you'd need to take in school, and do you trust yourself to go back? I know I wouldn't. ^^;;

Option 4- I didn't even notice an option 4. o_o

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There was supposed to be a poll and option four was "Go to China and study martial arts for ten years."

Egh... I guess a lot of it is I just don't want to get off my ass and do the work required to take classes at UW. I'm leaning in that direction right now.

Really, I have no fucking idea. Galkar, I was also raised that college was super important and it is to me, really. I'm just pissed that I have to let things like bureaucracy get in the way of my education.

I was talking with Jordan about teaching English in a foreign country -- that sounds pretty excellent to me.

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I was talking with Jordan about teaching English in a foreign country -- that sounds pretty excellent to me.

Note- Some countries are really cool with this (Japan I know is one) while others are really awful. I knew someone who wanted to go to France (I think it was France?) and teach English but they required her to take classes there in English from French people, which is pretty silly.

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Taking a year off was a pretty good experience for me. I didn't manage to save any money, (mostly due to Michigan's absolutely abysmal economy and a $6.15 minimum wage) but when I did decide to go back to school my work ethic seemed to have improved significantly. It no longer became such a bother to go to class or write papers or stuff like that. Another plus was that, while I was away from school I made a point to regularly visit my local library and reading as much as I could about as many different subjects as I could stomach which really helped me to start narrowing down my choices for possible livelihoods.

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When it comes to teaching in foreign countries, there are English tracks in some european countries (I know in Austria, I don't know how common it is elsewhere) where you teach there in English. Its not the same as English as a foreign language, but the idea is similar, and you can teach other subjects. Just thought I'd throw it out there because it soudned similar to what you want to do

My (very uninfomed, not too bright) opinions and viewpoints

1) If you hate it, don't do it. That said, I don't know if you'll ever 100% agree with any institution academically. If you can learn to accept, ignore, or avoid the particular problems, I guess go for it.

As for the sub-options,you know what classes you want to take and have a decent idea of whether or not taling them will motivate you. If you want to take the classes and think you can handle it, go for it. If they're not classes you want to take, I guess it depends on whether or not you think they'll motivate you. I have hard time how you could be motivated by classes you don't want to take, but whatever.

2) I understand where you're coming from when you say you hate the bureacracy, but if you think UW will be a serious improvement, suck it up and deal with it. If you're not sure, its a risk and UW could be no better.

3) If you're lost and unsure, this should help. It does raise some problems, as has been pointed out. You have to be very careful on your money, and you actually have to be sure you go back to school afterwards. My brother has extended what he meant to be one year into more than 3, and counting, so you have to be careful and motivated. I've heard that you also have to watch your loan situation, as you'd have to start paying them back, and have to continue even once you restart school, but I have no clue what your situation is with this.

4) Its not the thing for most, but for the people who are serious about it, its a badass thing to do.

As a sidenote, I've had Evergreen recommended to me by some people in my family. I'll probably want to ask you why you dislike it when I get around to it (ie never)

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Get really drunk spin in a circle and which ever direction you stop in travel 2,000 miles that way and live among the natives and become a drifter telling cool stories while playing a guitar. Bassicly become a bard.

If the apocalypse comes in my lifetime (something that wouldn't surprise me very much) this is essentially my plan.

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I cannot stand living with my parents anymore and this is the only way I can move out with basically no work involved, haha.

If I hate my classes, at least it'll be hilarious.

Sweetleaf, I hope you sort some stuff out. Definitely going to college is good, but not just to get a job. I'm just, personally, interested in the education itself.

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