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Accelerated Evolution

The Anime Gee's new toy!

Anime Gee

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^ Hahaha! I never really noticed that you had a thread. It just popped into my head.

But yeah! I only paid $5,000 for it. It was too much of a good deal to pass up on. I already have a bunch of sh*t on the way to my house. I'm gonna have a permagrin in my local canyons with this car. Oh man! I'll probably be able to outhandle & outbrake Evolutions & STis in the canyons by the time I'm done with it. ( ^o^) <3

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Yeap! Sure am lucky!

I already drove this car in my local canyons & I must say that it's a very different way of driving. I need to learn the new FR lines, since I'm coming from 7 years of FF. I keep wanting to drive the Miata through the twisties like I drive the Sentra, but then the rear end wants to come around, since I keep forgetting to turn in later! Hahaha! ( ^o^) <3

I already ordered a set or lightweight 15"x7" Konig Kolor wheels in gold with some super sticky 205/50-15 Falken Azenis RT-615 tires.


Next up will be some Hawk HPS brake pads, Speed Bleeders, stainless steel braided brake lines, & bleeding the brake system. After that, I need to install a Hard Dog roll bar. Then I plan on doing the bracing & sway bars. After that, motor mounts & suspension bushings.

I'm debating out of a cheaper TEIN Type FLEX coilover setup or a more expensive, but sex-like Ohlins DFV coilover setup by October.

Man this car is fun! (^o^ ) <3

I will be posting up some new pictures as soon as I mount the wheels. Mr. Jones wants to pose with the car & take it for a drive. Hahaha! ( ^o^)

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