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Without Prejudice?

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For all those with cable, I don't know if you still get the GSN.

But this show is amazing. A panel of 5 people judge 5 other people based first on them saying their name, then their lifestyle, then their beliefs, and they interview the last two. After each part, they eliminate someone. The last person is who the panel of judges decide wins $25,000.

Usually the panel has 4 people with ALOT of unnecessary prejudices towards people, and one person who's basically like What's wrong with all of you? The whole thing is hilarious. A few weeks ago this old-fashioned black lady was like, "Well I know for a fact, for a fact, that all gay people are gay because around age 2, 3... 4...maybe 5, they were raped."

I missed this episode, but "Ignorance gets owned"


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