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Accelerated Evolution

At midnight (EST) tonight, punroc will be banned.


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AE hasn't had any community events in awhile, SO HERES ONE!!1

The only person that can convince me otherwise is PUNROC HIMSELF. although others may indeed post here with the expected "posting in epic thread", "this thread wins" "holy fuck why isnt this on cnn?!?!" etc, and any other comments you may have.





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Top Posters In This Topic

I am playing god.

with fire.

This post is amazing.

i would also point out that numbers and incomplete words in your forum name make you look like a moron

seriously, what the fuck is a punroc

Dude, removing the Ks from 'punk rock' is so clever, wus rong wit u?

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I haven't been on the forum for a while, but I guess this young man has irked everyone on this board, except for a few that find him funny, but then you guys know him & I guess you guys are toying around with him & everyone's having a laugh, including him, while I'm at the office drinking beer & looking at this thread early in the morning. I mean coffee. Hahaha! But yeah! No bannaners! \(>o< )

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