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Skype Tonight (8/23/07) at 8:00pm


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Even though i love DOA4 and played it for 5 hours straight yesterday :awesome:

Played online? God, you meet some of thee funniest people on there.

My sister was playing the other day -- she was playing as a tag team with a friend of hers -- anyways, I was watching her play and she started playing around with this dude that was a D- -- she'd throw him up in the air with Ryu [the beginning of an Izuna Drop] and then she would just start doing like taunt after taunt after taunt -- and she kept doing that until she beat him [no combos, nothing]. Then he sent her a hate message that said 'yu fukin suk bitch' -- funniest shit in the world. He even sent her tag partner a hate message -- 2 in fact -- and he hadn't even switched into the match once! He sent us a few other hate messages after that. But yeah...we sent him a message telling him we loved him. Then he replied asking if this was a girl and he started being nicer -- that was the end of our encounter with that dude.

You can't record over xbox live

and it sucks anyway >>


Yeeeeeah, yeeeeeah, it only sucks because you don't have one, buddy!

And you can record -- I just don't know how! Here...this dude recorded some funny ass convos on XBL: http://youtube.com/watch?v=RZJ4NfkfgIY

The dude with all the profanity at the beginning -- Slut Wagon -- we added him as a friend on XBL but he hadn't been online for a while so we deleted it haha.

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More like lack of original games, I hate the controller, and 33% failure rate.


Fine, fine! I'll stop.

I just think it'd be cool to have an XBL convo. I have yet to really speak to people over the mic...the only thing I've done is tell people off online [not randomly, they had it coming!] while my sister was playing.

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