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Most of the Skype Chat was wasted time listening to "Love you Tender"

But we did manage to kind of shape some podcasts (ok, I shaped them but we got names)

So right now I'm gonna do two different ones and see how it works out.

Time Travel is Awesome - This is going to be a geek out podcast containing disscussion of, essays, and reviews TV, movies, books, video games, and anime. If you want to join for a specific reason (say, you wrote a review for a movie or book or you have an essay on a geek related topic) just pm or email me and you'll get on. If you can't make it during the skype recording than you can record your review or essay and I'll mix it in during post production. About 30 minutes per episode.

Random Thoughts - We'll have a few discussion topics, mostly humorous, that the panelists will just tear apart and have a good time of it. We might not even need discussion topics, if the conversations stay interesting and flowing smoothly. To get on just show up during the Skype recording. Run time around 60 minutes.

We're gonna try to record tomorrow at about 9pm. See you then!

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