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Accelerated Evolution

hXc makeovers!!


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Was that suppose to be a joke? If not… wtf! Damit I liked him better as a hick than as some emo kid! Ahhhhhhhhh damit the emo kids must be stopped!!! We need to just dig a big hole and throw them all into it! They shouldn’t be allowed to corrupt our youth! Wake up people, drugs aren’t the problem, they make people happy. Emo kids just make people sad… we must purge ourselves of there influence!

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There sad for the sake of being sad…

I think that its a mental illness, not depression, because there choosing to be sad…

So we either need to help them(by hitting them on the head until they come to there senses)

Or my digging a big pit and throwing them in it, so they can be all sad and emo together

Or my favorite option… we can just use the old “final solution” method…

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