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Epic Pickle!


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Epic Pickle!

Tron is having several people (# still unknown) come up to his cabin in Mass. for the weekend. His parents were allowing him to have 4 people, but he didn’t know whom to bring. In the confusion m4x0r invited a number of people (more than 4). Now as we approach the time that we are leaving we are (or at least I am) not sure who is going.

Another person who m4x0r assured that he come gave away his hours at work in order to be able to come, only to find out that there was no room from him when he called Tron

Two other people (possibly with ought Tron knowing) plain to drive up, flowing us all the way up to Mass., this solves the problem of how many people can fit in the car but doesn’t necessarily change how many people Tron is aloud to bring.

I made this for two reasons:

1) I find this whole thing hilarious (I know, I have an odd/cruel sense of humor)

2) So that Tron is aware of everyone’s planes before they show up at his house tomorrow…

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