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Cleaning my 360 controllers

Ikari Warrior

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Ahh, I love the xbox360 controller. It's comfortable, it's effective, and it's such a pristine white. Then you put your hands on it and it ain't white anymore.

I have a new one that's starting to lose its luster, and I have a used one I've been meaning to clean for ages.

How do I clean 'em without damaging them? My used 360 controller is pretty grungy and could use something to bring back that luster.

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Yeah, I haven't touched my Wii, DS, and skipped on the PS3 since I picked up my 360, so throwing the controllers away is not recommended.

Honestly, there really isn't any reason to hate it entirely anymore, if anything, it's the housing of the most complete and streamlined online gaming community that literally offers weeks of entertainment on it's free content alone, and the paid content is almost bottomless at this point. Not having to pay for game demos, games getting more replayability by having them linked to XBOX Live ranking systems, and a solid selection of titles which can start off at Bioshock and we can work our way down from there, after getting Oblivion, Rainbow Six: Vegas, Forza 2, Dead Rising, C&C: Tiberium Wars, and of course Halo 3, although unreleased, single-handedly keeps online console gaming cohesive, out of the way.

I now consider anyone who just hates the 360 for no reason a giant, flaming jackass. Now I have to get back to Ninja Gaiden: Black.

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Mild rubbing alcohol, and a cloth. Just use a little bit. Enough to get a spot on the cloth about 2 fingers width damp. Then rub vigorously. For the undersides of the analogue sticks, and the groove between the two halves of the shell, use a thing razor blade - a hobby knife is ideal.

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