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Gear my lock?

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Alright so I started playing WoW again and I pretty much forgot everything. By everything I really only mean where to get better gear then I already have.

If you don't have a level 70 lock with better gear don't answer this unless you are a huge Wow nerd. But I'm pretty sure Galkar is a 70 lock also.

So I want to know what instances to run or what PVP places to go to get better gear then this.


It'd be cool if you knew the bosses to kill and linked the gear for me. I haven't played in months and hadn't played much or raided much after I hit 70.

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Go to the arena in Nagrand and talk to the goblin there. After you get the signatures you need, bring it back to him, but you have to make sure to have the charter in your main bag or else it won't work and it won't tell you why not. This confused the hell out of me for a while.

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