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Respect - 5 for linking to a Halo 2 Forum.

And if that is you, Respect - 100,000

That's funny. It's as if you act like you had any here to begin with, in the video game section at least.

As for the video, it screams out "Hay guys look how much i curse in halo2 lol!". Seriously, he double takes to the left way too much, as if he's checking to make sure the camera is still in place. Then by the time he throws the headset off and pounds the floor you can tell he's acting.

These attention whore-ish videos are getting old. Only one that's really funny was the CS one.

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Are you talking about the one where that guy picked up his monitor and smashed it?

Not sure. It's been a long while since i've seen it.

I remember it having some guy playing CS [or what appeared to be CS, at least], for over 8 hours or so and going berzerk on his keyboard everytime he lost.

Don't recall him busting up the monitor, though.

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