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So it would SEEM sickness season has begun in full in stupid Denver. I'm like the 10th person I know to have caught this annoying little cold. I very very very very rarely get sick, but I got myself some snifflies and the aching body. :awesome:

And my stupid asshole "girlfriend" and "best friend" and "roommate" and just about everyone else I know SUCK at getting me Otterpops.

I'm a sad sad little man.

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I am so sick today. I woke up with horrible stomach pain, and called in sick to work. I vomited a bit, then felt better in the afternoon around 3pm, and went around downtown to run errands with my roommate. We ended up in a park with my friend, and I all of a sudden stood up, walked over to a tree, and proceeded to vomit everywhere.

I barely made it home on my bike. Then I got home around 6pm, and I have been in bed since. I just woke up, and when I tried to stand up, I started to black out and get really warm. I just finished laying on the bathroom floor next to a bucket and a glass of water for 20 minutes. I actually am hallucinating, as well. I keep hearing shit, and seeing things. Every time I stand up, I think I die a little.

As of now, I am sitting here, completely freezing my ass off, but every time I attempt to stand up and move to my bed, I get nauseous.

I haven't been this sick for over a year.

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