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Amy is at college (although there were problems)


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All her luggage was lost by the bus, her debit card was stolen and her bank doesn't have an ATM there.

I have nothing except the two handbags I arrived with and a little bag of soap and some girl stuff. I think people think I am a little weird. XD All the other girls have really nice desk organizers, fluffy pillows, entertainment systems, bathrobes, tupperware, DVDs, laptops, dorm cooking sets, cookies their mothers made!? my roommate walked in and saw on my desk just a BIG BAG OF PILLS (ibuprofen, vitamins, fish oil) Then she saw me not having showered for 3 days, smelling like behind-the-dumpster-in-Omaha. We just hung out like that for a bit... I suspect she suspects I am going to kill her. She didn't sleep in our room tonight. (She's really sweet though, when you meet her you can't avoid liking her. I think she got back when I was sleeping on the top bed just in my pants and a sweatshirt, no pillow or blanket. When I woke up, you could tell she hadn't slept there but there was a blanket on the bottom of my bed. awww....)

on the up side, she already has her meal plan etc is already set up.


I registered for classes! <3 Calc, Physics, Drawing, Biology, and Spanish. School I can do. I CAN DO SCHOOL! I want to read a lot now. I am in the library and when I saw the books I almost cried, I was so happy

Her dad is sending some money that should arrive tomorrow. I should mention Western Union? Oh well, I guess it's already on it's way. Anyway, when she has it she'll get a phone, for among other reasons, to get another job.


Can you make a thread or something there, posting some of what I said, I have to go really quick I don't have a lot of free time I just want them to know I'm semi-sort-of OK but also that shit happened to me. ^^;;;

so here you have it.

Well. If you wanted to give her an off to college present, perhaps it would be more appreciated now? *sigh*

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she sold her pillow on the bus? how does one do that?

anyway, i'm in

good tea might be appreciated.

I gave the tea Laurie gave me to a woman in an Omaha convenience store at 1 AM who thought her coffee was horrible, I told her go get some hot water and try out the tea. I hope she liked it. I missed it last night when I ate a ramen for dinner alone in my room...after eating dinner mostly alone in the dining hall (granted all i had was a big salad). that was my worst moment, today's been a lot better....
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I'm kidding!

iPhone already has a case

*kicks you*

I wanna ask this question... before it becomes awkward...

Why did she sell her pillow?

because she needed money :mellow:

I'm going to go do some necessary things now

HOW ABOUT THIS, everyone who can buy Amy something, even something really small, PM JasonStiletto (Dave because my pm box is nearly full) and later on tonight we'll start making a list of people and a list of things Amy would want or need and figure out who should get what.

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