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help with a potential music website

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Hey guys!

My friend Nathan wants to launch a music website and needs some help doing it. He wrote up a long facebook note which I've decided to post here to see if any of you guys would be willing to pitch in.

If you want in let me know and I'll forward your information to him. Let me know on ae or through email vln204@nyu.edu. Email is probably best because I am a compulsive email checker hahaha.

Another thing.....he said he needs someone he can do the coding and create a dynamic website that can make database calls and such. so, a good website programmer, really. Also it'd be a major plus if you lived near NYC.

Anyways take a look at what he has to say and lemme know if you want in!


So I've got a great idea for a website and I think it's got a ton of potential. I don't want to reveal too much about it here, because I don't think it's been done yet and I'm kind of excited about doing it. But basically, it would effectively let new musicians get their music heard, provide listeners with new and free music, and would feature the best of said music while remaining light-hearted and fun.

Overall, it'd be a relatively simple site. Nowhere near as complex as places like last.fm or even pandora (and it isn't like those sites, anyway). I already have the majority of the layout worked out in notes, and have some simple graphics designed as well. But despite the relative simplicity I know that there's still no way I'd be able to code it all myself. I simply don't have enough knowledge or experience with javascript or PHP or anything of that nature, and even if I did I'm sure anything I coded would be full of security holes.

So I'm looking for someone who finds this kind of thing interesting like I do, hopefully someone who not only has the web programming skills that I lack, but is also interested in things like underground music and rockin' out. If what I've said so far sounds at all interesting, lemme know and I'll tell you the whole shebang one-on-one. The whole idea wouldn't yield any money right now, but if it works out it could possibly turn into that in the future. I think it's the kind of thing that could potentially bring in surplus advertising money if done right. I'm doing this as a side project as of now. If anyone wanted to help me out they would get no sort of pressure from deadlines or anything like that. I'd also be open to hearing design or concept suggestions once you know the whole idea.

The bigger things I would need help with:

-creating a database of email/username/password combinations for user accounts (the site would require accounts from submitters to help thwart spam)

-creating a database of music files with attached meta information

-a music player of some variety (flash/javascript/XML and quicktime/etc)

-a dynamically updating page to display the above music player in

-potentially site layout, although I think I might be able to do that on my own

-fun web 2.0 javascript hacks, like fading windows or dropdown menus (not sure though)

So yeah... Like I said if this sounds interesting and you've got the skillz, please let me know. Hell, if you lack one of those two and just want to hear more, let me know as well. OH! And if you know anyone who may be interested PLEASE pass this along. Thanks!

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Not to sound like an ass, but good luck finding someone who feels like coding all that shit, for free.

I know a few people who would code something for free. It's imperative that they have a vested interested in what the finished project would be like, and those people are very hard to find. As a result I can't really refer them to Vikki since I know they'll just be like "I don't know you people, fuck this shit."

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