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Does this make any sense...at all?


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Today our new patio was finished and there's a lot of new wood. Here's what just happened. I was outside walking around on the patio. My dad comes outside, and freaks out, because I'm not sitting down. "Because the wood has to settle, idiot!" in exact words after I asked what I had done wrong. Now, to me that makes absolutely no sense - the wood is nailed in, and there's some stones, why does it need to settle? I try to say this, and no one explains why and then other unnecessary arguments surface. Does any of that make ANY sense?

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yea, most of the time when building the lumber has to settle in and become more stiff and such. it usually doesn't take much time at all, maybe a day or a bit more before it is totally usable. But with how you described it, you are not the idiot, your dad is for freaking out like that. It's a totally over reaction that was uncalled for seeing as nothing can be damaged from just walking on it a bit.

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