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Last DVDs purchased or Downloaded

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My copy of Stacy (the japanese school-girl zombie movie) came in the mail today.

I bought a copy because the version I dl'd a while had such bad subs that I'm not really sure what the movie was actually trying to say about the nature of love- but it seemed interesting enough to warrant the spending of 10 bucks.

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a hollywood video was going out of business and managed to pick up some gems for pretty cheap.

i got:

pool hall junkies

planet of the vampires*

tears of the black tiger

tears is the only flick i haven't seen, but it looks like it was worth the $6 i paid for it.

*best fucking movie ever

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The Brave One, Kamen Rider Den-O: I'm Born!, and Shoot 'em Up.

Still waiting for stores to amp up the firesale of HDDVD stuff so I can pick up a ton of shit for about $20. Some stores already have stuff like Transformers for $10.

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Got a bunch of shit movies from a friend who got a DVD burner over the weekend and now he thinks he's like the master of burning shit. I got The Covenant, Riding the Bullet, and Desperation dumped on me.

I also got 30 Days of Night and Hot Fuzz but I'm probably going to end up gifting them for a late easter present to someone, or selling them. I'd rather the Blu-ray versions. [/HD snob]

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Just went to bestbuy saw a $6 dvd sale. I went kinda crazy.

$6 dvds I bought


House of Flying Daggers


Children of Men

The Shawshank Redemption

and Stardust (this wasnt 6 bucks)

Did pretty friggin good. Please praise me for my amazing movie choices. Suck my e peen AE, that's right. Suck it.

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I rented Tommy from the library...

AND a documentary on trains and Christianity.


a documentary on trains AND christianity,

or a documentary on trains and one on christianity.

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