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Castro's 9/11 Conspiracy Theory

<h1>Castro says US lied about 9/11 attacks

Mark Tran and agencies

Wednesday September 12, 2007

Guardian Unlimited


Fidel Castro has accused America of spreading disinformation about an explosion at the Pentagon on September 11 2001. Photograph: AP

Fidel Castro today joined the band of September 11 conspiracy theorists by accusing the US of spreading disinformation about the attacks that took place six years ago.In a 4,256-word article read by a Cuban television presenter last night, the country's leader asserted that the Pentagon was hit by a rocket, not a plane, because no traces were found of its passengers.

"Only a projectile could have created the geometrically round orifice created by the alleged airplane," he said. "We were deceived as well as the rest of the planet's inhabitants," he said.

In fact, the remains of the bodies of the crew and passengers of American Airlines flight 77 were found at the Pentagon crash site, and positively identified by DNA.As for the attacks on the World Trade Centre in New York, Mr Castro wrote that the way the passenger jets crashed into the twin towers on September 11 and the data from the plane's black boxes "do not correspond with the criteria of mathematicians, seismologists, and information and demolition specialists".

But in a glaring omission, Mr Castro's conspiracy theory failed to mention Osama bin Laden, who this week issued a video praising one of the hijackers who crashed into the World Trade Centre, and his militant Islamist al-Qaida network.

In his article, Mr Castro said the truth behind the attacks with hijacked planes that killed nearly 3,000 people would probably never be known.

The Cuban government originally condemned the September 11 attacks on New York and Washington hours after they occurred.

Within days it had organised a rally to express solidarity with Americans and Mr Castro said Cuba offered to donate blood.

Mr Castro has not appeared in public since mid-2006, when he underwent intestinal surgery and ceded power to his younger brother Raul. In late March, he began writing occasional essays on mostly international themes.

Mr Castro himself was the target of several failed assassination attempts by the US after he took power in 1959.

He also claimed in his essay that Cuba tipped off US security services in 1984 about a plan to kill the then president, Ronald Reagan, while he was campaigning for re-election in North Carolina.

The information provided by Cuba led to the arrest of a group of would-be assassins and foiled the plot, he wrote.

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I know that this one isn't really stupid and probably could have just gone in sd&d but I wanted some more stories for this thread


Google in $30m moon challenge

Google has put up a $30m prize in an effort to trigger a race to put the first privately financed space mission on the moon.

The competition, announced on Thursday, is modelled on the X Prize Foundation's Ansari prize, which promised $10m for the first private rocket to reach into low earth orbit. That prize was won in 2004 by ­aerospace entrepreneur Burt Rutan, who has since joined Richard Branson to try to create a space tourism industry.

Also administered by the X Prize group, the new Google competition will pay $20m to the first mission to land a robotic rover on the moon. To win, the rover will have to travel at least 500 metres and beam back video and other data to Earth.

Another $10m in prize money is for second place and other achievements, such as travelling a longer distance or discovering ice.The Ansari prize helped to attract public attention at a time when private investment in space exploration was just getting under way, and has been credited with acting as a catalyst in the broader boom in investment in the area.

However, some of the biggest achievements in the field, such as the recent launch of the SpaceX rocket into higher, geostationary orbit around the Earth, were not linked to the X Prize race.

Silicon Valley entrepreneur Elon Musk, founder of SpaceX, had been driven by the commercial opportunities of launching payloads into space at far lower cost than existing alternatives, said Robert Weiss, vice chairman of the X Prize group. "From a business perspective, he saw a market that was underserved," he said.

Since new private systems such as this have largely solved the problem of lifting private missions out of Earth's gravitational pull at relatively low cost, the next challenge will be to assemble the skills necessary to land a robotic vehicle on the moon, Me Weiss said.

Google's backing for the project is the latest sign of the long-standing interest of founders Larry Page and Sergey Brin in space exploration. The company has had close links with Nasa, including working with the space agency to bring more space images to its search products.

Google is also building a new headquarters on Nasa-owned land near its existing location and, according to a report in the New York Times, its founders have an unusual arrangement that allows them to park their private jet on Nasa's nearby Moffett Field.

Copyright The Financial Times Ltd. All rights reserved.

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*Cues Soviet Anthem* Greetings Comrade! I have heard that a site from the world wide web has offered us a great sum of money if we can privately fund a space mission to the moon! I believe with both our resources combined we can create a starship greater than both the Shuttle and the ship from Star Trek Voyager, Voyager, put together! Imagine if we have this sum we can recreate the USSR and take over the world!

but in all seriousness, I will make a space ship if I get 30m.

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Corn Maze Bears President Ford Likeness 410w.jpg

RICHLAND, Mich. (AP) — It's a corny tribute to the late Gerald Ford — and it can be fully appreciated only from the air. A farm not far from where Ford grew up created a maze in a cornfield in the likeness of the nation's 38th president, who died last December.

Each year, Gull Meadow Farms near Richland cuts a maze in its corn fields. A company that specializes in corn maze design drew up the plans for the Ford portrait, which says PRESIDENT FORD across the top and THANKS below.

"Instead of just creating a path for people to travel through, we decided to make it a tribute to the late President Ford," said Justin Wendzel, a spokesman for the farm.

Ford was 93 when he died Dec. 26 at his home in Rancho Mirage, Calif. He grew up in Grand Rapids, about 42 miles north of Gull Meadow Farms, and represented the area in Congress for years before becoming president in 1974.

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*cues Soviet Anthem* Hello again Comrades! I hear that some of you capitalist pigs have made a cornfield look like an ex-president eh? Well, since I am a Soviet, it is my duty to 1-up you! See, while you Americans shape corn fields to look like ex-leaders, ours, Lenin, is preserved for all to see! AHH HAH HAH! Now let the Nuclear brinkmanship recommence!

but seriously, that's pretty cool.

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