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Topics listed are suggested topics, I will except suggestions and not all topics will be discussed.

Time Travel is Awesome http://del.icio.us/Gundampilotspaz/timetravelisawesome

Women driving 'casual game' boom

Wil Wheaton Indicted for Role in Robot Fighting Ring

xBox360 Arcade version?

Record-breaking Dalek gathering in Manchester

Next iTune Revelation

BSG Split?

Doctor Who To Return For Fifth Season In 2010

Random Thoughts http://del.icio.us/Gundampilotspaz/randomthoughtspodcast

Clips: 35 Years of Tokyo Progress in 10 Seconds

Farewell, Bat Boy

I wanna love you tender

YouTube - First McDonalds Commercial - Creeepy!

Massive walrus penis bone sold for $8000

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