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Accelerated Evolution

Serj Tankian


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So System of a Down is not broken up per se, just taking a break to do solo shit.

As of right now here's what everyones doing:

Daran is starting up his long-time-put-off side band called 'Scars on Broadway' and John joining him on drums. He calls it: "t will probably be something electronic mixed in with traditional Armenian and thrash/death/black and doom metal influences. When, or even if, the music comes out it will still be structured, just like System of a Down's music is." What it will more then likely turn out to be: more emo-pop bad poetry you'd expect a 5th grader to write.

Shavo is supposedly working with RZA on something, but who knows.

And now we get to the good shit, the one and only Serj and his solo debut 'Elect the Dead' which is due out October 23rd. And I cannot wait.

From Serj on the Album: "It's very wide sounding-- lots of different sounding instruments. The excitement I had making this record was the same excitement I had making the first System record."

Collabs on this album feature his own System of a Down drummer John Dolmayan, Brain & Ler Lalond from Primus fame, along with some other guys I'm not too familiar with (Ani Maldjian, Antonio Pontarelli and Dan Monti)

Check out video's for Empty Walls Here and the Video for The Unthinking Majority Here

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The songwriting in unthinking majority was horrible, and frankly, it sounds just like a system of a down song.

But then again i didn't expect much from a hard rock radio god.

You can't try to peg this guy on one song, epically that one, plus a lot of the radio songs from the past two albums were written by the guitarist, not him. Check their first album or Toxicity, not hypnotize or mesmerize.

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