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Castlevania: Dawn of Sorrow - official thread


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Well most people probrably have played this by now, who own a DS anyway.. but since I got my DS for x-mas I just got this game last week or so, and I've been playing it a bit and am loving it very much so. The touch screen features are awesome, such as breaking those ice blocks with the stylus, right before you enter The Garden of Madness. Which is where I am right now!

Pure video game bliss.

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I had a lot of trouble with some of the seals. They all were pretty easy until this one that zigzagged back and forth down then up and i had to kill that damn boss about 8 times before I finally got the seal. I think it was that boss that you start fighting at the top of the tower, then the floor breaks and you fall all the way to the bottom and kill it then, though it was a while ago so I don't really remember.

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I never tried it with anything other than the stylus...

originally I was using my finger and it wasnt working, and i was like WTF!!!, I figured having to hold the stylus in my hand aswell would be encumbersum, ohwell I guess i was wrong, works like a charm.

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It was pretty good, but way too easy for a Castlevania game. I had no trouble taking down most bosses, and getting enemy souls was a piece of cake.

Still waiting for a Castlevania to hit me as hard as SoTN.

I still want a Castlevania that's as difficult (and as well designed) as Castlevania III, but as polished as Symphony of the Night. Too bad that'll never happen, especially with that washed up hack Igarashi in full control of the series. Every new Castlevania from now and on is going to either be a rehash of SotN or a watered down Devil May Cry.

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