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Higurashi Kai/School Days endings preemted due to real-life murders


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This pisses me off. Higurashi is awesome, and there is absolutely no evidence that the content of the show had in any way influenced the crime. Besides, now that we're on the final story arc, it would be safe to assume that most of the brutal violence is over with. It doesn't make any sense to cancel it at this point.

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Yeah, only anime would do something like that.

"Hey lets reveal Takano to be the evil mastermind behind EVERYTHING having to do with Oyashiro-sama's curse, then lets have her shoot Shion and Satako in the back of the head while they are tied up on the ground execution style, then lets have her gut Rika with a razor blade."

*Next Episode*

"We really want the viewers to feel sorry for the tough childhood that Takano had and all the tough times she went through"

lol, I love it

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