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The Break up

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Ahhh goddamnit. Women.

I just got the cold shoulder from one too. You always think you can win them over. They seem really interested in you... But then you only get 45% of the truth from them. Which would put anyone off I'd say. And then its over..

I'm sorry for your loss.

Tip- Don't buy bitches shit until you've been seeing each other for at least a year.

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I dunno if I should still give her the gifts. She's still giving me mine. Thing is she didn;t spend 145 quid.

Why don't you just return what you originally bought and buy her something cheaper? If you still give her such an expensive gift it'll just make her think that you wanna get back together [that is, if you don't want to -- or if you do and she doesn't...well, it'll make you look kinda desperate giving her such a gift].

I'm with Amy on that point -- unless I'd been going out with the guy for a while I wouldn't accept such expensive gifts. I really wouldn't accept it if we were already broken up...I would find it a little weird and see the person as kinda clingy [especially if I didn't get such a lavish gift for them].

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I think that expensive things should be held off for a while, as well. From past experience, the male tends to go and buy something too big, too early, and if you are like me, you don't have the heart to shut down his efforts, especially when he makes it clear how important it is to him that you have it. And also, if you are the type to get mad when someone tells you that they can't accept something so large, then you really can't blame the person for feeling uncomfortable about speaking up. I mean, obviously it's your fault that you spent so much money on her, but it's definitely not your fault that it's over. It's not like you wanted that to happen. You didn't know it would happen, and there really isn't much that you can do. I would return the stuff, since you have a chance to, and maybe get her something smaller. But seriously, why are you still giving each other gifts for an anniversary that is no longer valid?

If my friends had broken up, and I saw that one of them had a new DS, I would be like, "ohh, when did you get that?" And if they responded by saying that they got it for a 6 month anniversary, I would probably be like, "What?" I don't know, don't celebrate something that didn't happen. Unless you just want to make it all for her birthday. But still, if she's giving you a gift... I don't know, you aren't obligated anymore.

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Buying someone a gift is never a requirement or obligation, ever.

I think gift giving has more value when it's not regular. I.e. "Oh it's your birthday, have a present" or "Oh it's our anniversary, have a present."

I'm much more of a "Have a present!" type of guy. That and I never have any money. So by "present" I mean something ridiculous, like a single page comic that I wrote or something like that.

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Yes my friends after nearly 6 months just before our 6 months/her birthday in fact, my relationship is over. And as a result I am £145 down the drain after getting her a DS, 2 games and a heart necklace she mentioned she liked months ago from her favourite shop. Guess all good things come to an end.

Happens to everyone. You just kinda learn to move along. In the big game of life, it's all a "gamble". Sometimes you win. Sometimes you don't. You take the losses & move on. Can't stop "gambling", though, 'cause nothing will happen if you stop.

Hopefully you at least got some poontang out of it. If not, don't sweat it either since that happens too. Hahaha! (^o^ ) <3

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