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Woohoo! College!


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Well, I received my acceptance phone call from Full Sail University down in Florida for next September. BS in Game Design & Development. Sounds pretty hot. Gonna miss being home though. However, I am really excited that I was able to get into this place. I've been interested for years. And remember, Tango's College Fund is officially open and taking donations. All are welcome! :biggrin:

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Colleges, huh. How did you pick? Why did you pick? Did you consider stopping school after college? What are your plans?

Uhmm...well. I've seen ads for the school and read about it online. Every other entertainment business scool I saw was located on the west coast and I wasn't sure If I wanted to go that far. Full Sail's Job Placement percentage is 75% of all graduates. That's a good number. I plan on getting a jorb after I'm done with the the degree. That cover it?

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I have one week to finish most of my other applications.

What's done:

Saint Joseph's University

Towson University

Johns Hopkins University (It sounds like Legacy might get me in)

Boston University

What is to be done next:

Boston College

Northeastern University

College of William & Mary

What I have a few more weeks to finish:

St. Mary's College

Arcadia University

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Congratulations man.

I'm pretty fed up with college myself right now, mainly because the requirements for the College of Engineering at MSU are sucky and I have to take them for my Computer Science degree. So I'll probably be changing my major in the near future because the college of engineering pisses me off and because sitting at a desk programming shit I probably don't care about sounds like a boring life.

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Wow, US schools send out acceptance notice early. None of the places I've been even start the process until Febuary.

Yeah, I'm pretty much applying to only Canadian schools. I've written a college essay and a few other things, but I haven't sent out any applications yet.

Really, I'm not that pumped. I'm considering taking a year off before I go to college.

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For crying out loud, don't put off applying for financial aid. I did that once, and I ended up eating an entire semester out-of-pocket.

Yea, I'm supposed to fill out FAFSA in January, but yea, I ain't gonna forget. I think my family is part Native American so I could get some sweet benefits from that.

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