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Dropped by Best Buy for all the swag they were giving out. The line wasn't too bad and a few people even brought their DSs with Hunters, so we all got into a few games before 12. BB also gave out free Game Fuel, so that was a nice gesture on their part.

I'll probably just sell the swag on eBay to save up for Eternal Sonata or something.

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I has it.

I would post a pciture of me holding it, most likely flipping the bird whilst.

But I'm just gonna go play it, by the way, the line was epic. There were over 150 people there.

lol own3d. all i did was order it last night online and it shipped this morning.

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I guess if I was antisocial, I would join in the "HAHA YOU WAITED IN LINE HAHA GO SUCK A DICK FAG" crowd, but you actually get to meet some cool people there. There was a raffle for all this assorted Halo 3 gear, McDonalds next to the shop was giving us free food, and there was this video crew there interviewing people, asking them where their girlfriends were (I was with mine, one of two guys whose girlfriends came along).

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nah, it isn't that I'm not anti-social. and I am not part of the "HAHA YOU WAITED IN LINE HAHA GO SUCK A DICK FAG" crowd. I'm just really lazy and acquired a game faster than that would have been. plus I'm not waking up that early to stand in a line. There is no McDonalds next store. Oh, don't get me wrong, I would stand in line for that, but I got other shit to do.

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GameStops all over the place were releasing it at 12, they all stayed open until 12 to have pre-orders paid off so they could just dish them out continually at 12.

there is no gamestop around me. the closest store that has anything is Walmart. and that closes at 9:30

That's not really a spoiler, dude.

seeing as most of us knew that already.

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