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Mysterious Unison is not very very easy. I had to power level to Lv70+ until Chopin was no longer getting his shit ruined by the butt pirates on the second floor.

Still a good game. Worth the 14 or so hours I spent on the first playthrough.

I would've liked a better character development though. Viola had potential but went nowhere and I completely missed the non-existant build up to


. I was suspecting


the entire time. >_>

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Most of the enemies in the Unison are harder then the boss fights, but just about all of them are avoidable. And the only hard boss in there is Rondo who isn't really that hard at all if you have a party of Falsetto, Chopin, and Allegretto.

This is just on the first playthrough. The Mysterious Unison is a fucking cake walk with Allegretto's best weapon on the second playthrough.

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