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What do you get from the internet?

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I want to know what all of your experiences with the internet are and why some of you, well, like it so much? See, I don't know if you all like it, or if it is an escape from the mundane rituals of the real world, or what, but I want to know what it does for all of you.

Personally, I hate the internet. Every site I happen upon (which is rare-I normally don't have time for the internet at all and it does nothing for me in the big scheme of things), sans AE, is full of polarized minds and twisted misinformed opinions, subjectivity is everywhere and I think that is poisonous to young minds that are growing and trying to find out who they really are. This is due to the inescapable mob mentality-it is easy to conform and feel accepted and say "Hey! I agree with these people, and I will go along with anything they say." I say this because I had felt this way when I was younger. I also see a lot of bullying and people backing down when anyone challenges their opinion. I cannot stand seeing this. I perceive it as kids being made, unintentionally, to feel stupid just because they cannot explain why they feel the way they do. I think that is so unfair to these people and it stunts their growth as an individual.

I loved the internet when I was about 15-21. I'm a loner by nature and I love to observe people and their behaviors. I learned a lot about people during this time for better or worse. I have to interject and say that this is the best environment I have ever found for minds to meet and discuss things intelligently. You guys have a great thing going here-mostly everyone is mature and can think objectively, you all support each other and it is truly a community, and I cannot seem to find this on any other message board. Sure, things can get heated like on any board, that is just human nature. But I think what you guys talk about here is what I want to see everyone talking about-a lot of this shit is important and I am glad to see these issues interest the lot of you.

But I'm getting away from my point. Do a lot of you use MySpace? What are people like to you on there? Do you have genuine friendships or is it like that one dude said-you post a blog and then everyone calls you gay?

Do you believe there is the absolute freedom to be yourself on the internet or is the fear of being thought of as different not worth the cost? The possibility that the people you commune with on the internet thinking you are stange or stupid, is that a factor?

Why do you keep coming back? What is it about coming to a place like this? What does it give you as a human being?

I care about the people here, and I don't want to come off as insensitive, as I would like to be a friend to all of you, but once January comes back around I won't have time to be here as a friend. This is why I want to keep my distance and not truly connect with any of you, because I know that you are people and I'm afraid my real life responsibilities would keep me from these friendships and make someone feel unimportant and ignored. I hope that makes sense.

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In before every member says porn.

But honestly I love the internet. I love the information it has that is quicker then reading a book. I can pop up wikipedia or other sites like that and learn really cool facts. Also I love this forum because the people on it are interested in the same movies shows and music as I. I believe most people here love video games and music and movies more then the average person and we like to talk about it.

Pretty much every one on this board is a nerd. It's like a anime con that goes year round.

The internet fills voids in my life pretty much.

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I like the internet, because I could read about any issue from any standpoint and sort out the bullshit rationally without having worry about anything. I could research whatever the fuck I want whenever the fuck I want - I suppose the internet doesn't promote patience xD

I stopped using MySpace, because every aspect could be found elsewhere and with better quality. Meeting people - a place like AE. Blog - blogspot. Personal Profile (if it really matters at all) - AIM or something.

I think there is freedom to be yourself. I don't understand why you shouldn't be yourself. One could get a better judgment of somebody through what they say rather than face to face. I don't care if I'm thought of as strange or stupid, because there's so many people that others are bound to have similar opinions. I'd rather talk to someone directly, but who cares?

I get free music & movies LoLOlaol. I'd rather be on the internet or reading a book than watching television.

There's no reason not to make friends here though. If someone's a friend, they'll understand why you're unable to communicate as much. Nobody "hates" anybody here. You said it yourself, this is a community.

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I really don't know if I'd go on the internet often if I didn't have random time to consume when I'm just sitting there bored, out of movies, and don't feel like playing any games or trying to get everyone to go out.

I don't watch television (Well, I watch TV on DVD but yeah) so I guess the internet is my TV?

I have a Myspace, but I don't actually use it that much. It's mostly for people to be able to get in touch with me, when I may or may not want to see them face to face. It's an easy way to keep track of more casual friends.

Also, the people on AE don't really betray you or judge you like other people can. It's refreshing. <3

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Nobody "hates" anybody here. You said it yourself, this is a community.

That's why I love it here! You guys can joke and have fun and can be serious when it's necessary.

About the hate thing: I saw this crap on the IMDB boards (no place for evolving minds! lol).

I saw people being fake, attacking other people just for asking questions, treating people like they are only text on the screen. I cannot stand this about the internet. I know people think this way about it because I used to. I never considered that there was a person on the other side with feelings and that I should respect them. I was just having fun, and later realized it was at the expense of real people, and that is so wrong, and I hate seeing people act how I used to when I first got on the internet (this was a looooong time ago-10 years maybe?) Of course I eventually met people with the same interests and got to know this one guy when I was about 15, and he told me so much about his life. I guess it's insignificant at this point whether he was being real or not-the fact is that I learned a valuable lesson that some people never seem to grasp.

Also, when I look back on the Animenation days (before the exodus), I see a lot of parallels with society. I remember cliques and people who wanted to be moderators (I admit I was one), perhaps for the attention or the "power", so to speak. Does anyone else recognize this on the internet?

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I use the internet a lot when i'm bored. its like the new tv.

That said, there is a lot of interest on the internet. As you said, you get to observe all sorts of interesting people.

I don't use MySpace. It is a social networking site and I'm pretty close to asocial. I don't want to say antisocial, because I don't avoid contact, I just I don't do much socially.

When it comes to authenticity, it depends. You have complete freedom, but people have a lot of freedom irl, and some simply are too afraid to disagree to use it. You have that on the internet as well. You also have people who feel more free to speak as they want. The downside is that you get chronic trolls, and people who take positions more radical than what they actually believe, again because they feel free.

as for what it gives you, it depends on what you do. MySpace and other such sites give a new way to interact with people remotely. I read webcomics and got to fark, for entertainment and information. I go to forums to see what other people think of various different things.

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i talk to my irl friends over aim and myspace sometimes, and use a-e/lj to talk to internet friends (many known for like 5+ years..) internet friends were really important until i learned how to make friends with people around me >>; i also like to look at lolita communities and its from there i learned how to coordinate and lots of info about the lifestyle/brands and all. >< important since lolita is like the most important thing to me, keke. and i use internet to help with japanese study, like podcasts and mixi (japanese myspace) also random info, look up on wikipedia and help with homework..

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>< important since lolita is like the most important thing to me, keke.

Let's see, when you say Lolita all I can think of is the story. Are you referring to something different?

And if not, wow! I want to know more about you.

Miller, I agree with your observations and I, like you, am asocial. I think sometimes we can learn more about people if we just look inward. I use to socialize more than I do now, and I remember always having to break away and have "me time". I've never been able to just follow the crowd and do whatever they want to do. It's just not in my nature, and I'd be cheating myself of a lot of living experience if I did that.

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What can I say, the internet has introduced me to many great things 1 being my wife, and 2 great friends..and before any of you shit heads think it I didn't meet Rita through Eharmony or dating sites, it jus happened through common intrest of comics and Freakazoid and it blossomed from that until us getting married 5 years later.

The friends part what can I say? besides the fact that I met some great people though it, I met 2 people from AE in real life from it in Byron and Brit..they are good people..I have good friends in Tim,Jenna...damn too many..that I would like to meet in real life and shake their hands and call them good people..and AE has opened me to many things that i never knew existed like NAMBLA and Lauries's fascination with vampire Yaoi and Scott's obsession with Time Travel.

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Margo, that dress rocks ass! I see how one would be fascinated. I wish I could dress like that but I wouldn't be caught dead in a dress. Not that I think there is anything wrong with dresses, I just won't wear them, I look like a poseur in dresses and I don't feel like myself when I wear one. I sacrifice for funerals when I even go to them (been about 9 years). I think it is respectful to appear in the best clothes you can come up with, even though I am broke. I have to admit I would wear that dress if I could pull it off, but I do not have a dress body, never had dress legs, and wouldn't do the outfit justice.

U-1, that is awesome the you found a partner through your interests. I got married to someone from the internet before and it was the craziest thing I ever did (or just one of the crazy things, who can tell?). This guy was a loser if I ever knew one. But hey, I was living for the moment! And I got some good life experience and wisdom out of it. I don't see anything wrong with people getting together on the internet, but I like the old fashioned way better (experiencing it for the first time and it's the most real and sincere thing I've ever experienced). A lot of the fun of courting and all that shit wasn't there for me on the internet. It just wasn't real enough for me I suppose, but I'm not saying it isn't real for anyone else.

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i've had a few times in the last three years when my computer broke and i was without internet for months at a time, and i was SO PRODUCTIVE during those times. each time i got internet back i was all, "THIS time, i won't waste so much time dicking around," but i always go back to dicking around too much

but that dicking around has made me some fucking kickass friends, found me a bunch of killer music, art, free movies (:snakes:). i don't regret a thing

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To be perfectly honest, overall, the internet depresses me. Yes, a lot of things depress me. But I just mean that I spend hours in my room each day, getting nothing much done. What I wish is that I had more control over my usage. I don't read as much as I used to, and I certainly don't keep anything clean in my room.

Also, I have met absolutely fantastic people on the internet, and when I am lonely, I come on here and feel more lonely that I can't spend time with any of you guys (yes, you!) in real life.

I don't know though. It does good and bad things for me. I should be more social outside of the cyber world, but at the same time, the people I meet on here are far more fascinating and "real."

I like having virtually everything at my fingertips, and I like that I can connect with people that have moved away much more easily. But it does provide me with a lonely feeling.

Blah, I am tired and I don't think that I am making sense. Haaaah.

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I honestly don't get lonely on the internet. I'm not a people person. I entertain myself, I go through stages where I'm not online much at all and sometimes where I'm on my ass forever. I love it, sometimes I think to myself, wow this is kinda sad. Then I come to the conclusion that it makes me happy and I don't give a shit. Oh well I'm going to bed early tonight (3:41 AM).

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AE is a wonderful place and I love the shit out of everyone on here. What I really want to do is save up a bunch of money and go on a ridiculous road trip where I drive all day and read all night, to, you know, find myself, or something. Of course the purpose of this road trip is to visit every member of AE who wants me to (this presents a bit of a problem as two of my best inter-buddies, Jordan and Darcie, live up in the grim and frostbitten north, i.e. in the complete wrong direction from everyone else, but, eh, heart of the cards, I'll figure it out). I also want to explore America, sorta, before I begin my "migration period," where I'm planning to travel all over the fucking place. I figure the longer I spend away from home the more I'll appreciate it when I get back. Since I sort of hate America right now (but anything Amy loves so much can't be all bad).

As the last leg of the trip, I'd pick up Belial, we'd go out to the desert with our guitars and drop acid and record the greatest and best album ever made.

But seriously, I've been using the internet a lot less lately (Tim's trying to break my post count still, I think) and I've been having a blast, socializing with IRL friends and reading tons. It's great. I love love love you guys but sometimes it's like GAH I GOTTA TAKE A BREAK FROM AE. NEED TO GO OUTSIDE. If I thought I would be happy you guys would be my entire life, but unfortunately I feel like I need to accomplish something in my time here.

I could keep writing like this for hours, but there's still threads I haven't read.

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