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Right then sorry if something similar has been posted... :unsure: Personally I find new threads better than diggin' up anold thread buuuut whatever...Anyways...onto my topic...

SOO! Kingdom Hearts...What games are exactly out there?

There's...(to my knowledge)

Kingdom Hearts (the first one for PS2)

Kingdom Hearts: Chain of Memories (for some kind of gameboy)

Kingdom Hearts 2 (for PS2)

Anymore? I was watching something random on the video game channel G4 late one night while tryin to find something decent to watch on tv :biggrin: (failed by the way) and there's some convention for video games going on and I swore I heard something about more KH...on DS and the PSP...before the next Playstation game. Also any news about that? Will KH3 be on PS3? I'll be seriously disappointed if so...because I will not buy a PS3 too much money I'm broke enough. :glare:

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Three new KH games were shown at this years Tokyo Game Show. Birth By Sleep for the PSP, 358/2 Days for DS, and Coded for (japanese) cellphones.

Birth By Sleep was the game hinted at by the teaser trailer in Kingdom Hearts 2, if you mangaed to get a 100%. The game apparently takes place before Kingdom Hearts and you'll be playing as the three people from the trailer.

358/2 Days is set in II where you'll be playing as Roxas and Axel. And not much is known about Coded besides you'll be playing as Sora and that it takes place after the first, but before the second.

So far nothing as been announced for the PS3 or any other system just yet besides those.

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:glare: Kinda annoying that they're all over the systems like that. My brother has a PSP so I can get the one...but I don't have a DS.... :glare: As for the cell phone one... :laugh: yeah right..plus it's not a Japanese cell phone. :sleep: Hmmm.....I kinda hope it doesn't just come out for the PS3...the actual third one that is. :happy:

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