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ok basically i've narrowed what i want to do to a few things:

choice 1) major in Japanese and minor in home economics basically and be a housewife~ i really want to be a housewife. the thing i really like to do are cooking, cleaning, crafts/sewing, taking care of people, giving gifts, etc. and i don't think i have the temperament to work with other people really, i mean it makes me really miserable. well i would get a part-time job maybe to help pay for lolita clothes and stuff. people say i would get bored, but most people are bored by their jobs. kekeke. i feel like it just fits me since i am so girlish and don't ever want to have really grow up and get a real job and be bitter and miserable like everyone has a job. v_v plus i want to take care of future kid not neglect her like so many parents have to.

choice 2) major in something like anthropology and linguistics and minor in japanese, and become a translator. i want to learn a lot, and i love to translate japanese into english, i like words i guess, and translating things has all the nice parts about writing without the difficult parts, imo. and i really like to learn about other cultures, and i want to study history and political science and know a lot like noam chomsky.

>< for both i really wanna live in tokyo or a more nature-y place like hakone XD; weeaboo but i really liked being in japan and both jobs really require being in japan i think~ 00

which one do i choose????

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haha sorry i had to do that XD;

i dunno, i mean maybe japanese guys are different but they're people too and you'd have to purposely date and work with them

...honestly I think you'd end up starting out with the second and reverting to the first either way, i mean, don't most women that get married start out preparing for a job? translator too can be very part time and combined with housewife? again i don't know that much about japan, i really think you could do like a mix of both

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>< yeah i wouldn't date/marry someone just so i could be a housewife XD; and you're right japanese people and americans aren't really different that's the conclusion i've come to after a long time of research;;. i was thinking the same way as you that 2 would lead to 1 eventually and of course i would need a job to support myself until i'm older oo; can you get fluent in japanese with only a minor??????????

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You can get fluent in anything if you study it enough.

Like there are super intense schools you can go to where you speak only X language and aren't allowed to speak english, supposedly if you're good you can get "fluent" (whatever that is) in less than a year. Of course that's kind of an extreme way of doing it.

I think you should go to college for a year and reevalutate. Maybe that's just me though, some people are like "YEAH I'M GONNA DO THIS" and then they do that forever and it's great, but some people are like "YEAH I'M GONNA DO THAT" but then they find something they like way more.

Yeah... Don't limit your options, you're still young.

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