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I call loch modan, I don't really have any idea what that is, but I know I want it!
I talked to tron, and apparently Loch Modan is a bunch of dwarves, so…

Ahhw lads, *drinks beer*

I can’ot figure wha’ tha bloody ‘ell you bast’rds be doing, lets get to fightin’

(I will try to get better at this)

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Can we just drink beer all day? But without the singing?

Aye, laddy, you best be believe there be singing


A skinny wizard once stopped by

To rob the halls of Dumathoin -

But he quickly gave up tryin',*Drinks*

And no more will he be scryin'

Since we kicked him in the groin!

*Drinks* *Drinks* *Drinks*

We kicked him in the groin! (Hey!)

We kicked him in the groin! (Hey!)*Drinks*

We bashed that wizard's gizzards

Then we kicked him in the groin!

*Drinks* *Drinks* *passes out*

-lord of Loch Modan

And, I be rem’ving letters were ever I dam well please, if it makes the w’rds unpronounceable, that ain't my pr’blem

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