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It seems the club is in a recovery stage.

I am glad that Wind FINALLY decided to get off his lazy ass and get this place back up again

( <3 Wind!)

1st things 1st

I need a head count to see how many memebers are actually posting again, or to see if I need to get people out of the woodwork and such

Head count guys, who was an old member that is back at AE

and for all you new folk, who wants to be a member, give me a good reason or sexual favors


also, ideas for the club are welcome.

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Test will come shortly I just need to find some old faces and fresh blood to occupy the club as of right now.

John was who?

Samurai Drifter I remember you I think...

DRL, dunno who that is........

and LOM, my babies daddy.

Wind banana fo fana Bin of course.

anyone else?

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