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Emo: Serious business


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wait wait wait.. Peter Parker was emo in Spiderman 3?....that explains the shittyness of the movie..but its ok to be a mormon in Utah and have alot of wives..but not ok to be emo....hmmm

actually that part of mormonism is only limited to a isolated few towns, it was outlawed actually iirc.

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actually that part of mormonism is only limited to a isolated few towns, it was outlawed actually iirc.

Not by Mormons, though.

Personally I don't think polygamy should be outlawed, but some of the stuff I've heard of Mormons pulling (from other, more progressive Mormons) is pretty much abuse, so, yeah.

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Ok, WTF?

I was doing this shit when I was 12, and it had nothing to do with a trend. Apparently I've been EMO my whole life :ohmy: LOfuckinLtotheMAO!

These kids are an insult to true depression. If any of them had been through shit I've seen and felt, they would feel ridiculous. Insult to borderline personality disorder also, known for cutting and NOT in the name of trendiness (which I do not have by the way, but I have had cutting impulses which I CONTROL after my little run in with a pocket knife that landed me in the ER). ARGH! This is real shit that they are IMITATING, and it pisses me off.

By the way, all I saw was Goth (EDIT: mixed with grunge). This is nothing new :laugh: Old shit, new name. Anyone else with me on this?

LMAO, I took "The Emo Quiz" out of curiousity (which I DO NOT recommend-it's the type of site that bombards you with "Consumer Surveys"-a.k.a advertisements in empathetic costume) and here were my results (warning: this shit is fucking hilarious and downright retarded all in the same skin because you KNOW someone believed what they got :laugh:):


You are slightly Emo. You probably have bangs and dress in slightly too tight clothes that look like they're from the 80's. You get called an Emo kid, which bothers you a little bit.You listen to decent music like Radiohead. You also love My Chemical Romance, but you can't get them all right. You cry a little, but you usually have a good reason, like your puppy died or you got to meet Ryan Seacrest or something.

Okay, I had bangs last year, but they grew out (it was an homage to Bettie Page :wink:). I never get called EMO, probably because I don't really hang out with anyone that would say something like that LOL And if I did, it wouldn't bother me, I would just cackle. I loved Radiohead when I was 15 but grew out of them and don't really revisit them in my collection these days. I don't love My Chemical Romance, but I've heard some of their songs and think they are talented, and I can respect that :happy: I actually cry A LOT: If I see something on TV that just gets me (like hearing about a kid getting murdered, or seeing something sad like that ASPCA commercial on VH1, that one just gets to me) I just let it go, and that's nothing to be ashamed of. I got a lot of soul and that's more than okay.

Oh, and I probably do dress like something from the 80's: your classic Metalhead costume (black t-shirt and jeans, and all my skulls-can't wait til they aren't trendy again because being out of fashion is FUN, but at least I've easily scored some cool merch!), which just suits me :smile: Best part is I'm not even a Metalhead if you ask other metalheads :laugh: It's all so absurd! Hahaha!

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