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Send me a letter!


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Seriously. I would love to get some mail. I love writing letters and stuff to people.

So! Here is my promise to you. If you send me a letter, I will respond to it! I can be a very useful resource, sort of! I know all kinds of crap, and can give you bad advice or poorly-thought out, but well meaning support!

Come on! You know you want to do it!

Robin Flowers

P.O. Box 60584

Olympia, WA, 98505

I will love you forever and praise kisses at your feet and make sacrifices to the gods etc.

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PM me your real address, please?

Brian I have a real reason for, but you?

Real post office is cheaper! Heh.

And Lindsay, today one of my friends who didn't know my last name was totally joking today about "lame last names like Flowers."

I proceeded to glare at him until another friend explained why. Then I burst out laughing.

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