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Accelerated Evolution

Digital Devil Saga


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DDS is a fantastic game but it really doesn't get the recognition it deserves.

Its to hard and the dungeons are to long for the casual RPG crowd and most of the hardcore RPG crowd are too busy sucking on Nocturne's teat to see that DDS wasn't supossed to be exactly like the main SMT series.

I however saw past all of that and saw it for the fantastic RPG it was.

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DDS may have lacked some of the things that made the other SMT games so great (multiple paths, demon recruiting, etc), but it still kept the more important essentials in place (long dungeons with confusing teleportation/trapdoor puzzles, emphasis on exploiting elemental weaknesses, extremely difficult boss fights). While it may not have the replayability of the previous games, it is still a very enjoyable game on its own. It's probably the best place for SMT newbies to start, but that doesn't mean that it's been dumbed down. It's easily an excellent RPG that surpasses most other games in the genre.

Anyway, I'm pretty far along in DDS2 (I'll probably make it to the final dungeon after a few more hours of playtime). But I still have quite a few spells to learn before I can beat the ridiculously cheap boss I'm up against, and right now Suikoden II has my full attention. I'm sure I'll get around DDS2 again pretty soon though.

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I need to own this game... I'm afraid it might already be too late. I'm told that these games, and Makai Kingdom, are both hard to find already... Damnit! I blame FFXI.

I see Makai Kingdom in almost every EB Games and Gamestop I visit. As for DDS, the first one is kind of hard to find, but it shows up every now and then. The second one is still fairly common, so you may as well buy it while you have the chance.

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