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In this thread we post the sites we visit most frequently besides AE and any of the more popular sites like youtube and wikipedia (if this is a repeat topic kindly bump an of the originals so that I can delete this one)

For me:

4chan.org - anime message boards filled with annoying meme's and other image boards that have nothing to do with anime (such as /v/ideogames, /mu/sic, and /co/micbooks and cartoons).

animesuki.com \

baka-updates.net - Sites where I get anime torrents

Tokyotoshokan.com /

rocketboom.com - neat video blog thing that discusses various aspects interweb culture. Updated daily

politicallunch.com - another video blog, this one discusses politics. Lately they've been doing nothing but 08' election coverage so its pretty interesting. Best of all: they don't play favorites with any political party or candidate

slate.com - internet news magazine that I usually read at least once a day. Has a section that summerieses all the headlines from major newspapers like nytimes, wallstreet journal, and the washington post.

reuters.com - Another news website, this one geared more towards business news (though I tend not to bother with that section). The articles are nice and concise so that I don't have read a 1,000 word piece one why Mushariff is a total dick like I would be doing with a 'times article.

huffingtonpost.com - the online, liberal equivalent of the NYpost, in that it has loud, obnoxious headlines that are so obviously biased its painful. Pulls together stories from actual newspapers for their content, so they're not actually writing anything besides their opinion pieces (which at somewhat interesting).

veoh.com - like youtube, but with more licensed content available. Better video quality as well.

dailymotion.com - another youtube-like video site. I use it to watch new episodes of YGO: the abridged series.

isohunt.com - general torrent site I use to get comics, games and other things

http://www.tv-links.co.uk - lots of movies, tv shows, and cartoons available to stream for free. vid quality is usually pretty shitty.

http://rapidsearch.yi.org - a website that archives all the various rapidsearch/mediafire/megaupload links posted on the various *chan sites. Contet ranges from hentai to comic books to entire episodes of anime/tv shows.

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www.npr.org <-where i get all my news

www.mbok.jp <- japanese auction site

www.angelicpretty.com <-my favorite lolita brand

http://home.clara.net/koogy/sarah/ <-website of my favorite record label

www.twee.net <- favorite music genre

http://www.csse.monash.edu.au/~jwb/cgi-bin/wwwjdic.cgi?1C <-when i need help with japanese

http://www.chomsky.info/ <-like to read about old chomsky

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T-Shirt Hell is great for a laugh. Defamer is fun because it makes fun of famous people. FFXIclopedia was great until they moved it and now the setup kinda sucks, but I'm sure (hope rather) it'll be restored to its former, easy-to-navigate glory. I like MSNBC.com for the opinion pieces. And I like to pop in on Maddox every once in a while cuz that dude is hilarious.

Damn, I don't do much internet :laugh: I really don't visit those sites a lot, I just know that I like them.

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Myspace, Facebook, Last.fm

Internet Comics (MegaTokyo and Questionable Content are my favorites. Also AppleGeeks, xkcd, and Cyanide and Happiness.)


my clan's websites









Yahoo (mailz)

battleon.com (occasionally)





bunch more. can't remember

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