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DS is the best system ever!!


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took me a while to figure out wtf you were saying lol. But yes.



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The DS is a really fun system. I'm glad I bought it before I got my PSP. I have to admit, I feel a bit "freer" with my PSP than my DS. There's something nice about having a portable media center to take with you wherever you go.

My primary gripe with the DS, and one of the reasons why I finally bought a PSP, is that there are no good racing games other than Mario Kart. I haven't played NFS: Carbon on DS, yet, but I'm enjoying Most Wanted on the PSP.

That being said, I have enjoyed countless hours on my DS. I especially love I can play my GBA games on it, since my SP's screen looks so dim by comparison these days. I got my SP before the "new, brighter screen" so, it helps to have the DS and it's bright-as-hell screen.

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I love my DS. All except that L Button, which doesn't like to work right.

yea, i got my DS Lite the first day it came out (said goodbye to ol' silver) and my L button just decided to stop working and I'm like wtf. I looked online and apparently the first few shipments of DS Lites have this problem.

sooner or later I'll get around to fixing it. -shrugs-

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we have 4 DS's =/.

2 are first gen, with mine being silver, drl's being red (the mario kart bundle)

2 are lite's, mine being white, his being black.

got mine by..just asking once. lol. was awesome, i love it, specially w/ my action replay.

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Ok good, I've been considering replacing my DS.

it will change your friend codes though. The DS and the game carts act like a pair. if you split them they don't like it and it gives you a new code for the new DS. It's what happened when I replaced my old DS for my Lite last year.

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