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Attention Connecticut dorks version 1.0.2


What type box should we get?  

7 members have voted

  1. 1. your options

    • Unhinged
    • Saviors of Kamigawa
    • Coldsnap
    • Other

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I don't care when/were we do this but at some point we are having a booster draft. I transferred $100 into my checking account today so I can now buy a booster box.

(but first)

Some people have expressed a dislike of the idea of using Unhinged cards, so I made this so that we can decide what we want to use (or so you can all vote and I just end up doing what I wanted to do in the first place)

The prices do vary, but once we start dividing it 6-7 ways it doesn't come out to much of a difference.

Choice one: Unhinged $48.49


Choice two: Saviors of Kamigawa $62.79


Choice three: Coldsnap $64. 90


Choice four: Other -Any other MTG booster box you can find the would cost less than $70 with shipping (please note below)

Personally I can't imagine that doing this with regular cards would be nearly as fun as doing this with unhinged but that's just my opinion.

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wait... is that a serious card list? or a joke one?

Its completely real


This might take sometime, I was hoping that I wouldn’t have to use paypal, but it terns out I do. So now theres a number that I cant find, my routing number or something, that paypal wants. It would be on my checks but I don’t use checks. I might have to get it from my bank tomorrow

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ok, i just placed the order, it has central business hours(so they can't be TOO far away) and they said they would ship tomorrow so it looks good.

total price was $45, so divide that by how many people we can get to play and theres your cost. hope to see everyone (including GPS) there on Friday

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Does this mean we purchase a pack from you and play magic? I'm in if so.

The way a booster draft works is that every player starts with a booster pack. You open that pack, take 1 card and pass the rest to the person next to you (the person on the other side of you will pass his cards to you). Every one keeps passing cards around until each person has 15 cards. The process is then repeated until we run out of packs (ideally 4 times so we each have 60 cards). You then use those cards, and as many basic lands as you need, you make a deck. Then play!

Ideally we get 8 players, we each get 4 decks and have 4 left over as prizes for a tournament using the new decks after.

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Edit: new pricing structure

Rather than trying to divide by the number of people who show up we will just do it this way…

If we get 9 or less people its $5 a person, 4 packs

If we get 10-12 its $3.75 a person, 3 packs

Note: I may make change, but I will charge you a 25¢ service charge (bring you own quarters!)

Process simplified!

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