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Movie: Jesus Camp

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A look inside an evangelical camp for children. I found it disturbing, but I in no way present this as a picture of the entire Christian community. I apologize for not being able to find a full screen version (perhaps you may be able to!). The makers of this film, as far as I know, are also not associated with website presenting this video.


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I actually sat there and watched it from across my table [i'm working on some things for class.] and I was disgusted. It's those types of people that give Christianity a bad name. That lady was fucking brainwashing those kids; scaring them into agreeing with them and telling them how to feel and what to think on political matters...it's appalling. That documentary really hit on the stereotypes of the people who convey the message. It was hard to watch, it really was.

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I went to a Christian school for a little while, it's all as bad as it seems, a giant brainwashing scheme coupled with as much suppression of individuality as possible. If there was ever a religion that put fear into my heart next to Muslim extremists, it would most definately be Christianity, there is a level of fanaticism that cannot be touched by Catholicism, Bhuddism, Atheism, ect.

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