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Well anyhoo. I honestly don;t see Engl;and winning it this year and have shattered many of my friends hope of us winning.

And after our loss most recently. Well I'm assuming it is a loss. I stopped watching after we were 2-0 down.

What are your thoughts on who is going to win it this year/who will make it to the finals/semis

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With Rooney England can win. Without him, Togo has a better chance.

Brazil wins unless Germany gets charged by patriotism. Surprise team this year... hmmm... I want to say S&M (Serbia & Montenegro). Italy could be the surprise winner. U.S. goes to Round of 16 only to get trounced by Brazil. This is only because Czech Republic are now officially the CHOKE Republic.

In any case, I can't wait.

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I honestly don't see England winning. Rooney or not. I mean damn Roony does add strangth to our team and would go fucking well with pratically any line up but I don;t think he is a big enough England to see England winning the cup.

They could I think with Rooney if they were to get hot of sorts. If they run on all cylinders they're a great team, the problem is that they've been unable to play as a team in a looooong time.

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I was lead to believe in the brazillian line up they mainly use ronaldinho as a mid-fielder.

Yeah, he does. I believe he is more of an AMF though. Ronaldo, Adriano, and Robinho are all great Strikers already. However, the most important development is that Cafu is 35... and on the national team.

I just actually looked at the potential offensive startes for Brazil.





Ze Roberto

Is there any defense on the face of the earth that can stop that?

And also, explain to me how Theo Walcott made England's squad? HE HASN'T EVEN PLAYED IN THE PREMIERSHIP!!!

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For starters he is 34. He currently plays for Olympiacos and is a hugely popular player in Athens (There were quite a few jerseys of his being worn/sold when I was there). No Charisteas (Pretty much the god of football in Greece), but he definitely seemed a popular name. As for the Brazilian national squad, he's been retired I think since 2003.

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Also my pub has suddenly become world cupilised. I mean everywhere you look there is an england flag, england lights, widescreen plasma tv for england big projector screen back room for england, little guy that twirls arms in the wind kicking a football in old school england uniform...FOR ENGLAND!!!

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This year i'm borderline interested in Ghana after they slaughtered Jamaica 4 : 1, Slovenia, Togo, and possibly Poland, even after their very very embarrasing loss to Colombia. As for the big dogs, I like England, I always have

This year should be interesting, although I probably won't be able to see most of the matches because work will interfere...

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England looked underwhelming today. But I think they aren't exactly trying right now. They're making sure Owen and Rooney are both fully healthy for the knockout stages. It really seems like they feel they don't need to try to get through. Which might be wise, but could really mess up their ability to play as a solid team.

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No offense to you guys, but I think the US team is becoming too arrogant. They're first match will be against the Czech Republic and I bet they will get beaten.

I hope Japan could beat Australia. Australia is a strong team, but Japan needs a victory to advance to the 2nd round, since it's quite obvious enough they're gonna lose to Brazil.

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